Welcome to fall 2018

In fall 2018, three new bloggers are here to share stories about studying at MiraCosta College and living in Southern California.  One of us is a skateboarder, one of us is a beatboxer, and one is interested in sustainable agriculture.  Find out more on our blogs!

fall 2018 bloggers Yu, Suzanne, and Mati


MiraCosta College fun activities by Yu

Fall 2018 semester just started I am so so excited to go class, because I will obtain more knowledge as well as English skills. This is my second year at MiraCosta and it make me to recall my memories of first semester. Here is the first day of orientation link please check it out!

Among the my memories at MiraCosta, the college activities are most fun time to spend. 

Every Thursday we have an activities in middle of our campus. Students like to (spend time) hang around during the activities. What’s more students are not only playing mini game, but also having food for free as long you have a student card with you! Every-week college hour provide different foods and games. College hour also have DJ who plays popular songs and make students to enjoy time there.

College Hour Video link

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The success formula is here for you! By Suzanne

Key to success

Syllabus + Planning = Success

Every class starts its first day with your teacher explaining the whole Syllabus content and there is a (good) reason why.   On your first day you will already find the mystery to succeed in your semester goals – and we can not misunderstood that it is only a schedule paper.

Each teacher chose their own content to compose his own Syllabus and that is the magic. They choose what is important to succeed and understand it carefully makes the difference in your goals. In Syllabus you can find:

  • Required Materials and Tools to get ready for classes;
  • Course Description and Objectives;
  • Mission Statement;
  • Student Learning Outcomes where you find specific requirements for your course;
  • Disability Accommodations for those in need;
  • LGBTQ/A + Resources;
  • Standards of Student Conduct;
  • Academic Integrity Commitment;
  • Course guidelines and Instructor Policies – Extra credits rules is here;
  • Student Achievement and Grade values;
  • Important Semester Dates;
  • Drop and Attendance Policy + Late Assignments deals;
  • Library and other Support Services;
  • Schedule of weekly class – you know in advance which chapters/content will be covered each class!

Here is a link from an Syllabus for a Math Class just to help you habituate:  http://home.miracosta.edu/jzyburt/Spring2018/syllabus-Math103_Spring_2018.pdf

I have created this two tricks to unlock the mystery to succeed:

  • I read carefully and take notes about the best way to plan myself for classes (clothes, material required, and what more is necessary);
  • I do an Excel worksheet (which easily could be substitute for a pen and blank paper) to list every single assignment for all classes(one sheet per class) with all due dates as my own control. This way I became more familiar with all assignments and get started on the biggest projects (Service Learning Outcomes, final projects or extra credit opportunities).

This way I help myself to get started in advance, schedule all my projects out of class, and got involved with the subjects and appointments with all people that are part of it.

Good luck in this fresh season!


Scholarship Opportunity by Matias

video-contest-graphicIf you’re interested in having a chance to win $4,000 and other cash prizes then listen up!

The Travel Video Contest is now open and ready for your entry! All you have to do is create a short video telling us where you want to study if you’re not yet an international student, or where you want to travel if you’re currently an international student. Make sure you’re eligible, and to have a better idea of the whole process be sure to check out past winners to get the creative juices flowing. The deadline is October 9th so you better get going and create the best video you can and submit your video pressing the link!

We’re excited to see your videos and look forward to naming one of you as our $4,000 grand prize winner.

Best of luck to all of you!

Learn about ELI from an International Student from Colombia

What is ELI? 

The English Language Institute (ELI) is a full-time English language training program at MiraCosta College.   The program offers 8-week classes starting in January, March, June, August and October.  Classes meet 4 hours per day, 20 hours per week.  ELI provides international students the opportunity to increase their English language proficiency and develop the skills needed for success in a college or university in the United States. The program is designed for students with a minimum of one year English language training at high school or college level. Students must be at least 18 years old or live with a certified legal guardian near the college.  The program is fun and students learn a lot.

Meet Diana a MiraCosta international student who attended ELI and is now enrolled in a college program in Computer Studies

Diana, an international student from Colombia
  1. Please briefly introduce yourself
    My name is Diana Monsalvo and I am from Colombia
  2. What made you choose MiraCosta College (MCC)?
    I chose MiraCosta College because my family heard that it was a good institution for international students, they would help you and guide you through every step while you assist in the college
  3. What would be the most difficulty you have had while studying in the US?

     Since I came here I’ve had a lot of obstacles, and one of them was the language. Because when I came here I could not speak English, it was really hard for me. I remember when I started my English program (ELI) all of my classmates could speak the language, so I felt so frustrated and I just wanted to go back to my country. However, the good thing was that my teachers were so dedicated with me. They put a lot effort on their classes so I could understand them. I feel so grateful to them because thanks to them my English went from 0 to 100. After 7 months attending ELI, I could understand and have a full conversation in English

  4. Have you ever studied anywhere else besides the US?
    No, I have never studied in another country
  5. How did you learn English and prepare for studying abroad?
    I learned English and I prepared myself in MiraCosta ELI program. Based on my experience, I can say that this program is the best. ELI instructors are wonderful, especially Zakia. She really put her time to teach me the language. It was amazing how she could do that. I really can tell how grateful I am, and how my English has been improved, since I started from that program
  6. What is your most favorite place at MCC? Please tell us three things you like about MCC
    My favorite place is the Library. It is a great place to study and stay focused on your classes. Also, there are a lot of tutors who can help, which is wonderful for international students. I am studying in a country which your language is completely different, but it is great when I know that I get a lot of help from Student Resources at MiraCosta College, such as Writing Center, Math Learning Center, Tutoring and Academic Support Center, and Computer Science Lab. That makes it easier and gives us more confidence when studying
  7. How long have you attended MCC and what is your goal? Do you have a school that you want to attend?

     I have been studied in MiraCosta College for 2 years, but this is my second semester as college student who officially takes credit classes. I spent a year attending ELI at MiraCosta. I don’t have yet any specific school I want to transfer to

  8. What is a piece of advice you have for new students?
    My advice for the new students is: “Believe in yourself. In spite of all the changes that you will face – such as teachers, colleagues, freedom and new responsibilities in general – you must know that they are fears that everyone must face and that you will be able to overcome them with your inner strength”
  9. As a Columbian international student, what are the three interesting things about your country you would want us to know?

    Our culture, food, and tradition are really three important components in my country which I am really proud of. I always share them with my new friends and classmates

  10. Is there anything you want to share to our readers?
    MiraCosta is a really good institution, and if you are an MiraCosta international student like I am, you know that I am right. 😉


Nhi Tran

What is happening at UCLA

I just read the blog from UCLA admission office.  I was surprised by the number of undergraduate applications and what they look at in the application to decide who gets in.

I plan to apply to transfer to UCLA, UCSD, and UC Berkeley in one year.  Because I will complete all transfer requirements, I will be transferring into year 3 at the university.

I know there is a lot of competition to get into a good university, but I feel prepared.  Check out Xiaochen’s blog on how international students prepare for university transfer at MiraCosta College.


Xin chào các bạn! Hôm nay mình tình cờ đọc đưọc một trang blog từ truờng Đại Học University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Mình bị choáng bởi số luợng đơn nộp học và những tiêu chí hội đồng xét tuyển đặt ra để quyết định ai sẽ đuợc nhận vào học.

Minh sẽ nộp đơn chuyển tiếp vào truờng ULCA, UCSD, và UC Berkeley trong vòng năm tới. Sau khi hoàn thành tất cả lớp học cần thiết và yêu cầu để đuợc chuyển tiếp, mình sẽ chuyển vào năm thứ ba tại đại học mà mình đuợc nhận.

Mặc dù có rất nhiều sự cạnh tranh để đuợc nhận vào một truờng đại học danh tiếng, mình cảm thấy mình chuẩn bị mọi thứ khá là chu đáo cho mùa nộp đơn sắp tới. Để biết thêm thông tin về cách những bạn du học sinh ở truờng đại học dân lập MiraCosta chuẩn bị nộp đơn chuyển tiếp, trang blog của Xiaochen sẽ giúp các bạn!




Getting Personal Help at College by Alex

MiraCosta has ways to help students who are struggling outside of school.  These services include the food panty and health service. The health center offers student medical check ups and mental health counseling. College is the time where many students either become adults or are still getting used to being adults. At that stage in life someone new to being an adult might not understand the benefits of affordable health counseling. This applies for international students, students who are living with parents, and students facing hard times. Medical prices are much higher then they would expect so having the medical help on campus is great!

Food Pantry and the Service Learning Program


The food pantry helps in a similar way, while the food pantry is for students who can’t afford food, if a has forgotten their wallet, or just needs something fast. The pantry is based on donations and includes water battles ramen and canned food so also feel free to donate to help someone else out.  Service Learning gets students involved in the community so you can learn more about social services.

Testing 2.jpgThe Health Services program is supported by student health fees. Most health and medical services are provided without charge. Mental health counseling is free for current students and gives you 50 minute sessions once a week for six weeks. When a student needs medical treatment or medicine, Health Services can help you find a doctor.

All medical and counseling records are confidential



What does a major in Dance look like? -Lee-

“5, 6, 7, 8!”   “From the top!”   “One more time!”

These are just some common phrases you will hear when taking any dance class. But as a dance major, it’s all you will ever hear. What does a major in dance here at Miracosta look like? Let me tell you!   I am a dance major, and know the ins and outs of majoring in dance. It requires 2 years worth of classes at full-time capacity. First you start with foundational classes, which is Ballet. Then you continue on with technique classes, which are Jazz and Modern. Then you get to choose from a whole selection of dance electives to satisfy 9 units towards the degree. Examples of these electives are Hip Hop, Tap, Ensemble, and Ballroom.

What’s really great is that the dance department also offers a certificate for Dance Instruction. It’s the same thing, but involves in taking just two more classes, Choreography and Pedagogy, offered every alternating Spring. Then of course, you have classes for your General Education requirements. Math, English Composition, Science, Social Studies, etc.

But don’t just take it from me. I will also be interviewing one of our many amazing dancers for what’s required as a degree in Associate’s in Arts: Dance. Meet Micaela, dance major and UC Irvine Dance Transferee! AKA Min!  AKA, my friend, fellow dance classmate. Here is what majoring in dance is like in her words:


LA- When did you start attending Miracosta?

MS- Gosh, when was it? Two years ago, fall of 2016.

LA- How were classes like?

MS- Like dance classes or in general?

LA- In general…

MS- Classes were really good. The course work isn’t that bad. LOL

LA- Haha that’s funny, but true. What was your typical schedule like?

MS- It was full-time and many of those classes were dance classes. I squeezed in general education classes to fulfill requirements for the Associate in Arts Degree.  Every semester I had at least one online class.

LA- Oohh, cool! What’s online classes like in one word? Go!

MS- Easy. At least for me. Ha ha.

LA- Would you recommend online classes for international students, and why?

MS- No. Online classes take a whole different level of dedication with time, because unlike regular classes, you don’t go physically. Instead, you sign in through whatever website the teacher uses. Everything is electronic with online classes and they kind be very tough for some people.

LA- Thank you so much for your time! Good luck at UC Irvine!

~End of interview~

There you have it! Dance as a major is one of the easier majors, but required classes will depend solely upon your major, and whether you are going to be transferring to either a University of California, California State University, or other 4 year universities. If you have any more questions, please feel free to reach out to me! Til next time!