School year 2018-2019

In fall 2018, three new bloggers are here to share stories about studying at MiraCosta College and living in Southern California.  One of us is a skateboarder, one of us is a beatboxer, and one is interested in sustainable agriculture.  Find out more on our blogs!

fall 2018 bloggers Yu, Suzanne, and Mati


Daily schedule of international student

Today would like to share one schedule day

7:00 am

Usually I wake up with my alarm, then I will go refrigerator get my lunch box. After checking my check list on the door, I am ready to drive to school!


Drive to school


Arrive school, and usually I would review the homework before class start.


Econ class starts. I am interested in Economics. Professor Shafin gives his humor experience tight to lecture, which make the lecture even more interesting and fun.


After finishing class. I will enjoy my lunchbox with beautiful ocean view from Cafeteria.


I start working in library as Lab Assistant. I love working here because I learn many things about technology and  meet new friend there.


I go to my English class. This make me recall my high school literacy class. Sometime I struggle with writing an essay, but my classmates are really nice and friendly. They help me understanding the class material.


I work at Math Learning Center as Desk Assistant. I take care of checking out the books and organize the email from Professor.


I finish work and walk to the parking lot meanwhile I can see the sunset. Driving home.


When I get home, the first thing to do is to turn on the switch of my rice cooker, therefore I will have rice ready after shower. sometime I cook noodle as well. I also cook dish for next day lunch day.


So, I make sure everything for tomorrow is ready then start to work on my home work. When I feel exhausted, I will go use Jacuzzi to refresh  tiredness.


My all day is closed

Here is the link Please the movie I made!

Que tal estudar entre 4 e 8 meses na Califórnia?


Eu vim compartilhar algumas opções de cursos curtos para quem precisa deconvolver o inglês, mas ficam entediados ao pensar no vocabulário cotidiano como base para as aulas.

Você já pensou em estudar inglês direcionado a um objetivo profissional? Dentro de uma cultura californiana fica ainda melhor? Confira abaixo os certificados de curto prazo como opções de estudo!

Business Fundamentals ou Entrepreneurship Fundamentals, para uma abordagem americana de como os negócios devem ser.

Na área de Tecnologia, há uma opção em Tecnologias Emergentes, ou Design, que pode oferecer Fundamentos do Design ou Comunicação Gráfica (desenvolvimento de web).

No campo da Nutrição, uma boa opção é Nutrição de Fitness.


Estes são todos os cursos que você pode ter um certificado entre um e dois semestres, com duração máxima de 8 meses.

Confira os detalhes dos hiperlinks e aproveite!

Espero que tenham curtido.

Com carinho,




もちろんその中にバイトと勉強を両立して頑張りたい学生も沢山いると思います。私もその内の一人でした、アメリカで勉強する事は出費が大きいですが。University やCollege には色んなバイトができるposition があります。それによって出費抑えることが出来ました。今日は自分がキャンパス内のバイトについて話したいと思います。



1.  インターナショナルオフィスのブロガー

:自分の留学の経験を生かして、留学の生活や留学で学んできた知識をこれから海外留学に行く学生または留学に興味を持っている学生さん達のサポートをします。ブログを通して私が今通ってるMiraCosta Colege 留学価値をシェアする仕事です

2. コンピューターラボアシスタント


3 数学センターのデスク管理仕事





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Work in the United States as an international student

International students have many work opportunities while studying in America.   Currently I work at the library.  Here is a video about my job.

OPT is the abbreviation of Optional Practical Training. Once you obtain your Associate degree from college, you will be qualified to apply OPT, which allows you work in America for one year, and the job has to be related to your major.

I graduate in May 2019 and I have applied for OPT program to work in America for one year in order to get work experience and save money for University.  Working in America is the good opportunity to get to know the culture at same time I can improve English and knowledge for business.

After asking the U.S. government for OPT, I had to find a job.  I spent my one week during spring break to look for jobs. I have never noticed that international language skills are valuable in certain industry until I went to apply a job in Carlsbad California outlet mall. California is a famous place for visiting. People come from all over the world. Shopping mall is an industry that has diversity customers. When I walk in to one of the brand stores to apply for a job, the manager was excited to interview me because the manager was surprised I am a trilingual person.

In fact, customers come from China, Japan and Korean a lot, and language could be the barrier between their  communication. Sales Associate will be my work position, this will help me building an essential communication skill with diversity customer and improve my self.

Study abroad will not only allow you to get a degree, but also you have chance to work at different environment. My current goal is to finish my OPT and transfer to university and get a bachelor degree in business. OPT experience will definitely benefit my future.

What about study 4-8 months in California?

Hi All,

I came to share some nice short course options for those who need to upgrade their English, but gets too bored working on regular vocabulary. Have you ever thought about advancing your English skills in you professional goal? Inside a Californian culture sounds even better? Check out short-term certificates as a study options!

Business Fundamentals or Entrepreneurship Fundamentals, for an american approach of what business must look like.

In Tech area there is an option in Emerging Technologies, or Design which can offer Drafting Fundamentals or Graphic Communication(web development).

In the Nutrition field, a nice option is Fitness Nutrition Specialist.


These are all courses that you can have a Certificate between one or two semesters, which lasts max of 8 months.

Check details on hyperlinks and go for it!


Best wishes,





Interview of international student from Cambodia

Are you curious why there are many students who study abroad at MiraCosta?  What would be the reasons and purposes for them to study abroad?

Today I would like to share this video with you, and we can find out the what is importance in terms of study abroad.

Orientation Before college starts


We are well come new student to join MiraCosta College

To success in first semester, lets attend Orientation having fun and get ready.

I had been orientation before my first semester started. I was nervous, and had an anxiety about  new school life. Because it was first time to attend college and I had so much things unprepared for class and surroundings. That is true because there are a lot of things to prepare, that is why MiraCosta provides an orientation before the semester start.

You are not only going to receive information, but also get informative advice form peer leaders who are passionate student in MiraCosta College to help new students.

Because most of peer leaders are international students, they have been trough the similar struggles and obstacles as you are going to face to. I believe that they have the answer that you need.

  • Enrolling classes
  • Building class schedule
  • Health insurance/how to see a doctor when you are sick
  • College facilities
  • Placement tests to find out which math and English classes are for me
  • College tour
  • Lunch together (food provided)
  • Conducted games by peer leaders.


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