Augustina from Cameroon

Hi I am from the beautiful continent of Africa specifically from Cameroon. A lot of tourist who travel around the world will describe Cameroon as “Africa miniature” because it exhibit all the major climates and vegetation of the Africa continent. It has an active mountains, desert, rain forest, savanna grassland, and Ocean coastland.  I am a MiraCosta student and I have been in the US for a year plus now. “time passes fast when you are in the US”. I am an accounting student, I am also part of the MiraCosta honor scholar program. I love playing volleyball especially on a sandy beach. I go to the beach and relax almost every weekend that really helps. After-all, it is always summer time in California!!! so why not enjoy the beautiful beaches.  I sometimes go hiking and camping with my friends that is fun. . The US is amazingly beautiful I get to meet people from different cultures and backgrounds every day that is really cool. I love the diversity of the Californian people.

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