Fun Activities on Campus

Hello Everybody! Welcome to my blog.

It’s already September and now it is so hot in San Diego.

Today, I would like to tell you a little bit about fun activities in MiraCosta College. Besides classes and studying students also like to have fun at school with your friends. And everething is available here, in MiraCosta campus! During the year MiraCosta has a various events for students. Such as college hour, field trips, club activities and sport competition.

Students can find various clubs on MiraCosta college. We have different language clubs, like Chinese, Japanese, Italian. One of my favorite club is International Club. Clubs usually meets twice a month where they discuss different topics, studying together and plan a field trips! The attending of the club is totally free and this is a great way to meet new people with the same hobbies and interests.

Also, twice of each month we have an college hour, that is usually on Thursdays. College hours are organize by Mira Costa Associated Student Government. Imagine yourself outside sitting on a grass with other students relaxing and enjoying your time. Students have a free lunch and there are speakers and music around. College hour is a great way to have fun during the break or just relax off your classes. Also, during the college hour you might see different organization who is informing students about them and encourage them to join. College hour is a very fun event to attend to make your experience in MiraCosta more memorable and and excited!

Check out our MiraCosta Flicker account to find more amazing pictures from MiraCosta!

Halloween College Hour

College Hour 80th Anniversary

College Hour MiraCosta College



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