Active shooter feedback

As I had promised, here’s the post on how the active shooter training went.

Let me start by letting you know that students were notified by phone (text messages and phone calls) and via email about the training, but even though we were all aware of it – at least the majority of students were – it didn’t change the fact that it was still an intense training! 

The common area between 3500 and 3600 buildings was blocked for the training. The first scenario was how Campus Police should approach a suspect who was carrying guns in a backpack. Here’s my attempt to capture the moment:

Then, Campus Police moved on to the next scenario: the gunman shot students outside the classroom and then ran inside the classroom. Trust me, this was the most intense part. Students from the Theater Department volunteered to play the wounded – and dead – students, and they had some amazing makeup on. What you’re about to see is FAKE blood! Campus Police used air soft guns, so no real bullets were used and no one got injured. Students had an important role on pretending to be hurt, it really gave Campus Police – and us, spectators – a feeling of reality. Here are some pictures of how it went:

Although the training was mainly for Campus Police, students had a chance to glimpse into what was going on, and students in the classrooms had a little training on what to do in case a shooter is at school.

I hope you guys don’t get scared by those pictures, and if you want more information about what happened, drop me a line!!!



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