Bye Fall 2013, Welcome Spring 2014!

Hello everyone!

We’ve got to the end of Fall 2013, and a lot happened this semester! I’m talking about classes, homework, tests, and a lot of fun activities provided by MiraCosta College.

Early in the semester the International Institute of Perspective had a gathering to celebrate the graduation of the international students, the Honors Scholar Program awarded the students who participate in the program, and MiraCosta College hosted an amazing car show for staff and students! Halloween party, bio lab opening, and Veteran’s College hour were also great events that happened this semester. Also, I can’t forget to mention that our Female Soccer Team is the champion of their division! A huge hooray for them! Check out some pictures of some of the events MiraCosta College had this semester!

Now it’s time to prepare for Spring 2014. Make sure you’ve registered for your classes, and if you haven’t done it yet, go to SURF and enroll right now. There still are classes available and you do not want to miss the enrollment. If you’re an international student, make sure you’re enrolled in 12 units as part of your visa requirement.

I hope you all had a great semester and look forward to the next one! Happy Holidays!




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