Campus safety

Did you know that MiraCosta Campus Police train to keep students safe.  On September 29, MiraCosta Campus Police will be conducting a drill in case of an emergency.  Due to unfortunate shootings that took place at other schools around the country, MiraCosta is being proactive by providing students with this training, so we can all know what to do if – knock on wood – a shooting happens.

As an international student myself, I think it’s important to be part of this particular drill since my country only had 1 school shooting in its history. I personally don’t know what to expect and how to act if I find myself in this situation, so being able to participate on this drill will definitely give me some insight about what goes on.

I’m so oblivious to these situations that I found myself in a very uncomfortable moment during one of my classes. I had to do a presentation on Che Guevara and my opening slide had gun shots sounds as part of it. As I was setting the presentation up, I accidentally had the first slide come on before I could introduce my topic. Unfortunately, the sound system was already on and loud, so gun shots sounds echoed in the classroom startling students, having some of them duck their heads whereas others were screaming. I apologized and turned off the sound, but I couldn’t stop thinking about what had just happened… I’ve learned my lesson about gun shots sounds in the classroom, but now I want to know what to do if I ever – hopefully never – find myself in this kind of situation.

I will definitely write another post about how the drill goes.



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