How does American Higher Education works?

American higher education (bachelor’s degree, Master’s, and Ph.D.) works in a very different way than in Brazil. Here in the United States everyone has to take some general education classes, elective classes, and major classes. “What are they”?, you ask me.

MiraCosta College is a Community College, the first step to your Undergraduate Education. Here you take your general education, elective, and probably a few of your major classes. Once all of that is complete, you receive your Associate Degree. It’s important to keep in mind that the classes you take at a Community College are exactly the same you’d take at a 4-year University. “So why go to a Community College then?”, you ask, and I tell you why: 4-year Universities don’t offer Associate Degrees, and are more expensive than a Community College.

After you finish Community College, you take your second step and transfer to a 4-year University. At those universities you will only be taking your major classes. After 2 more years, you’ll get your Bachelor’s Degree.

Once you receive your Bachelor’s Degree, you’ve completed your Undergraduate Education. If you want to specialize even more, you’d go for your Graduate Education, meaning your Master’s and Ph.D. As you can see based on what I told you in previous paragraphs, MiraCosta College doesn’t offer any kind of Graduate Education.

Going to school and getting a degree is a very important decision, so make sure you study all your options before making your final decision to choose which school is the best for you.



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