Art 100 – wonderful experience!

One of the most interesting and enjoyable classes of mine is art class this semester. It’s Art 100 class which is drawing and composition art class, and it is the beginning drawing class, so it does not require you have to be really good at drawing. Through this course, the professor would show you step by step to get to know more about art, and I promise that you will learn something really cool and fantastic after this class, especially, you will love this class and the professor.

My class is located in building 2200, art building, which is next to MiraCosta theater and the Administration building.

View of art building

Inside of our art class

This class doesn’t require any textbook; all you need to prepare is the material for your assignments that was provided by the professor. The good thing from our class is that the professor will bring as much his material as possible for us to share and then we can save our money for that. During class, our professor will present some slides to explain what we are going to do for the new project, and his presentations are also awesome with a lot of interesting projects and pictures.

color pastel
drawing paper and pencils
spray paints
ink, pens, and brush
art charcoals

One of the most important things about this class that makes me really love is our professor, Mr. Gilbert Neri. He’s an amazing professor. He’s sense of humor, really chill and never make you feel stressful with your assignments. He always gives you extra time to finish your assignments if you couldn’t finish at the due day which is really nice of him. Professor Neri is also a happy man because he always makes jokes during class to make his students relax. The best thing of him is that he’s really helpful and creative. If you are struggled with ideas for your new projects, he’s willing to help you find out, and provides as much material for you as he can to help you save money.

Another fantastic thing of this class is the assignments. It is not too hard, relaxing, interesting, and enjoyable. It’s also creative, and funny when you do some project together in group. For example, we had a spray paint project which is really cool and excited, and ink paint with brush project which makes me feel like Chinese drawing. There are some of my project that I have done so far.

black and grey project
spray paints project
fingerprints drawing

During class, professor Neri always turns on music, and that is so cool. This is the first time that I have an experience in art class, so it makes me really excited. That is why this class is my favorite class. After we finish our project, we will hang those on the wall, and the professor will help us point out what we’ve done well and what we need to improve our project. That was so awesome! Sometimes, we took us to the gallery to see another student’s projects, and they are really fantastic!



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