I want a Bachelor Degree but what’s that?

Certificate Degree, Associate Degree, Bachelor Degree.. I am pretty sure you’ve already heard about it … but what’s that ?

The U.S education system is way different than the one in our country. Well, I have to admit that when I started to apply at MiraCosta I was still a little bit confused and lost about which degree I should get.
As you might know from my previous post, my major is Graphic Design. MiraCosta College is a Community College and provide the Associate Degree that is necessary for a Bachelor Degree that I can get at a University like San Diego State University.

So I will go 2 years at MiraCosta (it can take longer, but it’s not a problem) + 2 years at a University to get a Bachelor Degree. It is also called Transfer to a 4-Years Institution.

The cool thing with going to Community College instead of going four years of university is that you save 2 years of university tuition as Universities are way more expensive.

Still confused? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

Take a look at the image I’ve made.



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