Taking an online class, good or nah

Are you thinking about taking an online class next semester? Taking an online class at MiraCosta as an International Student is totally possible. The only limitation is that you can’t take more than 3 units online class per semester.

Are you hesitating taking one?

I already took many online classes and here list of things to consider.

  • You have to have access to a computer: your own laptop or the library’s computers! Be familiar with a platform (Blackboard) is a must.


  • Be organized and willing to learn, it is easy to fell behind… it requires a lot of self motivation.
  •  You are free to decide when it’s time to work and you can get comfortable at home or outside. It is a lot of flexibility.
  • You don’t get to meet your classmates, your teacher or have a study group.
  • You can communicate with your teacher by email .. and expect a fast answer.


  • It is a lot of reading.
  • And a lot of writing.
  • But I least you don’t loose time in transportation.





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