When it is time to apply to a California State University, Don’t Worry. I got you covered.

Tips on How to Apply to a University in California

1. Go on the website of the school you would like to transfer to – you will get the information to get your application started.

Different California State Universities have different application requirements in regards to international students. For example, CSU Fullerton requires international students to use the domestic application, whereas most other CSUs require international transfers to use the international application. Thus, it is important to look at each university’s website before applying.

2.  Go to CSU Mentor to complete your application. Tap APPLY and then hit International Admission Application – start your application.

All CSU’s use the same platform for the application process. This makes it easy for you to apply to multiple CSUs as the provided information gets saved so that you don’t have to fill out every single application.

3. Go to a Transfer Workshop or Talk to a Transfer Counselor

Transfer applications have become more complex and allow less room for mistakes. Therefore, it’s mandatory that you have somebody double-check your application!

Try to get an appointment with a counselor way in advance of the application deadline as they go quick! If you happen to get no appointment, don’t worry, MiraCosta hosts 3-4 transfer workshops a week during the CSU/UC application period. The transfer workshops aren’t as good as a one-on-one counseling appointment, but they’ll enough to get you set.



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