How To Be a Successful student Off campus

How To Be  Successful Student Off campus

I did a blog on how to be a successful student on Campus, but I really want to make it clears that the thing you do off campus can greatly influence you performance or  your grades at school. what are some of those thing????

  Go To Bed On time. 

 You are surly thinking to yourself, that is not true. Maybe because you are use to texting all night and going to bed late. But if you did’t know going to bed late makes you worn out and tired the next day and most of the time angry. Which can lead to bad grades.



 Go to the beach or somewhere nice, go play some games.

MiraCosta College is very close to the beach. You can literally see the beach form school. School is very important but taking a minute out and relax is very important. I helps relax your nerves, it gives you the opportunity to meet new and interesting people. By the way the people in the picture is the MiraCosta Beach Volley ball team and also won the championship against other school that year. so if you want you can be part of the school team. Basket ball, volley ball tennis swimming etc.

Don’t go party the eve of an exam, this are little things that people thing don’t matter but the affect you directly. You need to be able to do the right thing at the right time. Know when to relax and don’t relax to much. Never forget you are a student and your primary focus is to pass those classes and get out of schools.




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