Meet my MiraCosta friends

Hi Everyone, in one of my blogs I talked about the diversity in MiraCosta. This is a picture to show you what I am talking about.

On the top left of the picture is my very good friend Khy. She is from Jamaica, she speaks English and patios. Khy’s major is child development she will love to become and elementary school teacher.  Outside of school she loves watching TV shows, going to the movie and going to the beach.

 The gentle man beside her is call Nick, he is an American and a Pan African. Nick is also an art student, he loves drawing and believe me he is really good at it. He will be transferring to a four year university next semester. Nick is also an English tutor for MiraCosta College. During his free time, he loves painting drawing and yoga is one of his numerous passions.

The person holding the camera is me, your favorite blogger. My name is Delia, I am an accounting student. I am form Cameroon, a country located in the central west of Africa. I speak both French and English. I love volleyball, I also love going to the movie and the beach is my favorite place.

The guy on my right is called Jamie, he is taking English 201H (the H stands for honor). He is a design major and he loves to DJ ( you know like, mixing music during parties). Jamie plays chase during his free time, designs one or two stuffs and hangout with friends.

This is just part of my friends, you know I can  not introduce all my friends to you on this page but one thing I want you to know is that here at MiraCosta there is a huge diversity in the student body there is someone that looks like you and that loves doing the things you love doing. No matter where you are from, there is someone here at MiraCosta that acts like you.

My priority as an international student is to have good grades and learn as much as I can while I am here in the US. However “learning without playing makes Jack a dull boy”. So during weekend or semester break I hangout with my friends, we go to the movie, to the beach and so on. You can actually see the beach when you are on the Miracosta Oceanside Campus. Fun and school is the best combination ever!!!!!!!




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