So many choices! Differences in U.S. Colleges versus Other Countries

The one thing I have noticed with the US educational system is the fact that they give students too many choices. It can be confusing.

  • what classes (subject) you want to study each semester. 
  • what time do you want to take that class (Morning afternoon or evening)
  • who do you want to be your teacher (do you prefer men or women; writing assignments or lots of quizzes)

The list continues.  But is also super helpful for students to choose classes based upon their professional goals and to find a schedule that works for their family, or transportation, or work schedules.  Now take note, not every subject or class have a large variety but a lot of the classes do have them; especially Math and English.  You could be having the same major with someone but never take or seat in the same class with them. Below is a screen shot of what my fall schedule looks like.  I like to take classes in the morning.



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