The answer to the Question about scholarship, from a student perspective

Scholarship Scholarship Scholarship!!!!!!!!

I know almost every one wants to know if the can have a scholarship from MiraCosta college or any other college. Before they even attend it. Well I also went through that. First of all I can only speak for MiraCosta because that is the only college I have attended here is the US and I am not willing to change that for nothing.

I know a lot of international students love asking about scholarships, I am a student, scholarship was also one of my first question. I will answer you very sincerely and from my experience. You need to attend at least one semester at MiraCosta college before you can be eligible for any form of scholarship offered by the school. That dose snot mean that after you first semester you will automatically have a scholarship, No No No!!!!

  1. You are not eligible for a MiraCosta scholarship if you are not a student. So my best advice to you is to first of all apply and get admission then………
  2. You need to take a least one semester of full time classes and have good result before you start talking about………scholarships
  3. If you are a MiraCosta student  and you have good grades, then you can apply for a scholarship. Wait wait wait don’t be too excite sorry but I need to tell you the truth, applying for a scholarship does not mean that you are automatically going to receive it.
  4. But being a student at Miracosta with good grades makes you eligiable for some types of scholarships.

Rihanna performing at the Coachella Festival in California in April 2016.

Rihanna recently announced the launched of a scholarship program on Instagram. that is aimed helping eligible  international students. with an amount between US $5000-$50000

In the US it is call free money, but first like most scholarships you need to be a student. So if you are not yet a student go to and apply. If you are already a student don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity.




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