Things I wish I Knew Before Coming To College

  • Pick Your Class on time

Sample schedule for spring 2016.  I like taking classes in the morning 🙂

Yes yes, for those who did not know you have to pick out your own schedule, it is not as hard or easy as it sounds. When I came to the US I did not know that. I thought I was just going to walk into an accounting class for freshmen, you know???? But no!! I was wrong. You know the US is a free country and one that was build on freedom. Therefore college is in the same spirit. You pick which class you want to take and when you want to take it and most of the time with which professor you want to take it. If you fail to do that on time you will be on what most people call crash list. A crash list is not good for you, so to avoid it make sure to register on time.

  • Meet with a counselor.

Most students come to college think they know what and which class they have to take because their brother or their mom or their friends told them so. The bad new is 78% of college students don’t graduate after two years as they were supposed to because they took a class they don’t need; therefore wasting money. Or most of the time they have not taking a class they need and unfortunately they can not graduate. In other to avoid all this mess, and save yourself money and time, MEET WITH A COUNSELOR. MiraCosta College for instance has counselor available on campus every business day. They will help you out at no cost. they will map out a clear and most of the time perfect plan for you to save yourself money and graduate on time. Believe me I am talking out of experience. There are some classes you have to take but you think you don’t. For instance I have to take political science even thou I am an Accounting major.


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