Three things I like about living in Oceanside, California

California in general is beautiful, but Oceanside is even more beautiful. From the warm sandy beaches to the mountains to and it’s fascinating history, it has made its self a destination for a lot of tourists and a perfect environment for most student. The land of milk and honey. I am from Cameroon in Africa, and there we have just two seasons the dry and the rainy season. When I decided to come to the US I was so scared of the cold. But that was not the case, when I arrived in Oceanside I was so surprised by how hot the sun was here. I kept preparing myself for the cold but I was disappointed as Oceanside seem to have summer all year long. that was actually a happy disappointment.

 The diversity of Oceanside makes it very special. There are a lot of people from different cultures and background, from different countries and states. Oceanside has tons of interesting people, at least every week I meet someone from a new place that I have never been to; that gives me the opportunity to know about that place even thou I have never been there. For instance I have friends who are form China, they told me it is a bad idea to give a Chines person a watch or a clock as a gift as that signifies death. I was like ohhhh my God I was so surprised and at the same time amazed by what I had just learned. I have never been to China but now because of the diversity of oceanside I know about some of their believes and culture. How cool is that!!!

 Oceanside also has a welcome center located on “923 N Coast Hwy, Oceanside, CA 92054”. This welcome center sells amusement tickets at a discounted price, which gives you the opportunity to visit places like Legoland, Disney land, San Diego zoo and sea World. We have sunset markets on Thursday evening, at down town Oceanside. Oceanside is a place where you never get bored. It has surfing, deep sea diving, coastal cruises that leave the sore every day, oceanside border the Pacific Ocean, which is the largest Ocean in the world. Imagin the one million view I have everyday for free. For those who don’t like the water, well let me inform you that Oceanside also has great hiking places. where you can go to the mountain top and enjoy the beautiful sun set. If you have a couple of thing you will like to scratch off your list while get you college degree at a college like MiraCosta, Oceanside if definitely the best destination for you.

Things to Do in Oceanside by the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce




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