What I did this Summer

As I said in my last post, as an international student you have the choice to travel during the summer or to stay in California just like me.

Studying for summer classes 


My mom came to visit me this Summer and it was wonderful. I did not travel because I wanted to take a summer class and I also decide to do and internship and an on campus job during the summer, which is pretty heavy.

To be sincere with you summer classes are not easy, you have a lot of work to do in such a short period time and it is very stressful. You have Exam 1, midterm and Final to take, all that in about 6 or 8 weeks, and this classes are regularly for 16 weeks. So you have to go two times as fast as in a regular semester. However I love Summer classes because this gives you an opportunity to catch up if you failed a class, or an opportunity for someone like me to graduate faster and transfer to a University. Aside form classes, spending the summer in the us is fun with great Holidays and good places to visit.

The  4th of July is the US independence day and it is one of the biggest Holiday in the US, you need to be hear to actually understand what it means.


San Diego Beach 

Saturday and Sunday is a good time to enjoy the beach and to visit museums and parks.   In San Diego or in Los Angeles, Oceanside(MiraCosta College) is almost in the middle of both of then, so it is pretty easy to go to either of them. In Los Angels there is Holly Wood were some of the best movies are made. In San Diego there is one of the best beaches in the world and there is a lot of touristic Military ships all the way from World War 2, so you have a lot of place to visit and a lot to learn.

Balboa park ans San Diego Musume of Art

On Every First Tuesday of the month, The San Diego Museum of Art is Free for students and military people. But you will have to bring your student ID, or Military ID, you get a lot of discounts when you are a student in the US.



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