How To Prepare for a New Semester

Getting ready for a new semester, is something that most students talk about but they actually don’t do it or take it serious.Β  We sometimes say ohh I need to get ready for my next semester,

Or for someone like me I will probably say I am not ready for the next semester (LoL😊). In order to get ready for a new semester, you need to know the classes you want to do ahead of time, if you don’t know them, then try to meet with a Β counselor to help you. Every student needs to make a full Educational Plan, that will show all the classes you need to take until you graduate. This plan can be changed but it is a good idea to have one so you know what clases you are going to take a head of time. It will also help you to be more prepare for every semester. For more information about counseling please read my previous blogs or some of the blogs written by my other collegues.

If you are a new student, make sure to attend the new student orientation.The new student orientation this year was fabulous. There was so much food, and a lot of fun things. Below is a picture of one of the international peer leader, her name is Scarlet, and she is from Honduras, she speaks Spanish and English. The photo on the left is a picture of some of the new students that attended orientation and had the great opportuinty to meet with other new students and make new friends from all over the world. For more information, make sure to read my next blog about orientation.



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