How to prepare yourself for your first semester or year as a student in the US

Very Important Material, Make sure to read every thing.

The Time to Live Your Dream Is now, Start By Applying To MiraCosta College and Let Us Make those Dreams Happen.

New students must come on time to attend orientation. This is mandatory for new students. We have pictures of International Student, New Student Orientation on Instagram

One good advice I can give to everyone coming to school in the US for their first time is to come at least two weeks before school starts. The US government allows you to come to the US up to one month before your school starts.   There is a reason why they do that;

When you come in the US as an international student (F-1), one of the first thing you need to do is to go to your school international student office and let them know that you are now in the country. You will need to give them a copy of your I-94 and maybe some other documents. but it is very important that you go to meet them as soon as you get in the country.

1.  You need to get use to the environment. That is the different climate, and a different way of life.

Image result for bus picture oceanside

  •  Drive, Bus or train You need to figure out how to get around and to make sure where you will live is witting reasonable distance from the school. Most of the time you will need to get the bus or drive

Image result for a confused baby2.  The International Office can help you with your academic adjustment. I am very sure they will tell you something you did not know or they will at least help you get set up with your classes.

3.   knew little or nothing about the process. The US college system of education is very different from other countries. (On more information about the difference between the US educational system and other countries, make sure to follow up with my next blog).


Image result for picture of people meeting with counselorsWhen you come in one month before school, you have the opportunity to meet with

  • a counselor, that can help you set you your classes and help you pick the best classes and professor ( hint: all the professor at MiraCosta College are really good at least the once that I have taking a class with) the question is do you like math in the morning or in the evening, do you prefer a male or a female professor. When you come early, the staff in the international office will help you pick the classes you want (need) at the time you want with the professor you want. Again read my next blog for more information.

The Time to Start Your Application Process is Now.



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