Video Oceanside Campus Tour

Hi there! How is your day? Since many MiraCosta College students said they liked view and atmosphere at MiraCosta College, today I would like to introduce our beautiful MiraCosta Oceanside campus here!!

First of all, what I think MiraCosta’s wonderful points are:

  • A lot of green & open space like a park
  • Palm tree, cacti, Agave (We can feel a tropical atmosphere)
  • Warm weather & little rain
  • Ocean view from the campus
  • Many outside places we can relax and study
  • Low buildings, so we can see broad sky (and stars at night)
  • Cute bunnies & squirrels

Just describing MiraCosta campus with bunch of letters is not enough to imagine MCC, isn’t it? So, I made a video for it! It’s like a virtual campus tour. I hope that you guys will enjoy the video and that it will help you to feel and imagine MCC!!

MCC Virtual Campus Tour  (Click here to watch the video!)

Thank you for watching and see you at the next posting!



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