Why MiraCosta College? $$$$$$

        In this particular blog you have to do a little bit of Math.

This is a very simple way to understand why colleges exist in the first place and why you might want to consider going to a college like MiraCosta instead of going to a four year university.

In order to get a Bachelor degree in the United States, it might take you about 4 years or more. Now let us talk about the $$$$$$.

  • The average cost of a university for one year, for an international student is about $35,000 tuition and fees only.   For the first two years you will spend about $35000 X 2=$70,000, which is a lot of money.
  • The cost of attending a community college like MiraCosta for an international student is $6800 (tuition and fees only) for one year.  You can spend the first 2 years in college which will cost you about $6800 X 2= $13,600.

Now this is where the magic of college comes in.

When you obtain this transfer degree, you can now go to a university and get in to your third year. When you transfer you complete 2 more years and end up with a bachelor degree.  Take note that, college does not make it slower or faster to obtain a bachelor degree, it simply gives you an opportunity to get a higher and quality education at a cheaper prices.

      One of the biggest advantage of going to college is that you are going to save about $56,400

($70,000 – $13,600) just by going to MiraCosta College. Come to MiraCosta College and save some money$$$$$. We are also one of the best and most fun college to attend in California.


     Hope you found this blog interesting!!! Come to MiraCosta College and get you college degree at an affordable price.



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