My Classes of This Semester


Today, I will introduce my current classes.

In this semester, I am taking four classes equal to 13 units; CHNS 101, CSIT 125, CSIT 128, and SOC 101. This is full-time classes and typical schedule for me.

SOC 101

Sociology 101

This class is Tuesday & Thursday 7:30-8:45, and the instructor is Mr. Brian L Harris. This is the most basic sociology class, so I am learning a bunch of topics like social structure, culture, norms, and so on. The picture is my notebook for exams.

The instructor is really good! His lecture is easy to understand and the class is so fun. The tests are kind of hard, but he gives us some extra credit opportunity and a lot of attendance points.

CHNS 101

Chinese 101

This class is Monday & Wednesday 17:00-19:20, and the instructor is Ms. Aubrey Kuan Roderick. I am learning the most basic grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation in this class. Because I am Japanese, I already knew a lot of Chinese characters, so I have an advantage to learn Chinese. The pronunciation is so hard though.

The instructor is also a counselor of international office in MiraCosta College. So when I have a question, I always go to the office and can ask her. She answers very kindly.

Her lecture is really fun. For American students, Chinese characters are completely new thing. So she thinks out a method or a way to teach characters.  This is my favorite class in this semester. I strongly recommend to take this class!

CSIT 128

Computer Science and Info Technology 128

This class is Tuesday 19:00-21:45, and the instructor is Mr. Timothy McLean.

This is a Microsoft Excel for business class. I am learning what I am able to do in excel.

I have never used Excel soft, so it is kind of hard. But his lecture is so slow and care all of students. Thereby I can understand even though I am not good at computers.

CSIT 125

Computer Science and Info Technology 125

This class is online class, and the instructor is Ms. Debra Savble-Thornbrugh.  This is Microsoft Word for business class. I am learning how to use Word.

As I mentioned above, my computer skill is really low. I have used Word, but I just write sentences and save it on computer.  Now, I have been learning two month. And I can create the newsletter like the picture. This is my Midterm project.

Even though this is online class, but the instructor gives us the video of lecture, so I have never feel inconvenience.

Online class is always harder than in-class class, but if I study hard, I will get good grade.




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