How to utilize school resources

Hi everyone, today I am going to discover what study or life resources we have on campus is helpful for us and free!!!

When you arrive United States and start your study abroad life in MiraCosta college, you may be surprised how thoughtful our school is and how much free resources or helper is opening their arm to us and waiting for offer help. Let’s take a look together!

  • Cafeteria: I have to say we maybe have the top 3 nice cafeteria in United States, we have different healthy yummy meals everyday and all kinds of bakery, lot of types of drinks. We’ve got sushi too! anyway Cafeteria is one of my favorite place in campus!

  • Library: There are so many books and scholarly resources, most important: super friendly and enthusiastic librarians. Once I was asked from my homework to find some materials that I don’t know much, when I was getting so nervous because I do not know how to find it and the due date is coming soon, I went to library. With librarian’s help, I got what I need within 20 minutes, isn’t it impressive?! Not only books, in the first floor of library we also have writing center and tutor program, which as you can image is really really helpful for our study. In college, almost all of us need to take English for couple of semesters so that in case to make sure we can do good in English, Writing center is absolutely good place to go. They are patient and literal!  So far we have tutors for math, Spanish, Chinese..etc, almost every main majors.

  • Career Center: Strongly recommend!! There is a big possibility you need it. If you are having questions about future career or have not decide what major you are going to do, or you want to find a job inside campus, Career Center is the perfect place to go!

Those are all I can think up now, if you are new student in MiraCosta, utilizing those resources may give you big help!



Finals are coming!!! :( :)

Hi everybody, final is coming, I don’t know about you all but I am a little bit anxious and nervous. This semester I don’t have very difficult classes except English 100. I am not very good at writing long scholarly essays so I am kind of struggling, now I am putting more time on it; I don’t go out and hang out with friends as much as before, instead, I study in coffee shop most of the time .I wish I could get 4 A grades! good luck to myself and all of my school mates.


How to find a place to live

Hi everyone.

The most important thing when you study abroad is a nice living place. I don’t think anyone can study well and get good grades if they don’t live in a nice place where they feel happy and comfortable to stay at. So today I’m going to write about how to find a place to live through MiraCosta College website.

Here are the steps:

  • type “Housing” in the search box on the right top of the seach box and then click on MiraCosta housing website, Click on “I’m looking for a place to rent”, then you can see bunch of housing information with landlords’ contacts. Write down information about the ones fit your demand, and contact with owner tell them you want to see the room.  (You need to go to see it before you move in).
  • If you can’t find anyone that satisfied you on that page with renting information, you can also type”home stay” in the search box, then click first link “Transportation/Home stay services, there are Homestay organizations which specialize at helping international students find a home stay that fit their requirement.

As my personal experience of housing, I find a cozy private room only for $500 USD each month which is where I current live. Including utilities such as electricity, water, trash, and internet.  let’s take a look of the outside environment! 😀


What should we do when we haven’t decided our major

At my first semester, I had problem with choosing major. I want to major in something that will get me a nice job, is interesting to study, and enjoyable to work in, but I don’t know what that is for me. As an international student, I have more clear study goals and time limit compare with local students, so me and my parents were worrying about my major “issue” in last past few months. Fortunately I have an goal now with Career Center and school website’s help.

When you feel lost on the way of deciding major, please feel free use resources in our school, that is their job and they are waiting for help us  anytime! If you do not know what kinds of job you can get after graduate and got the degree from the major you are interested in, you can go to career center make an appointment with specialists their and they’ll help your explore jobs. If you are really into something and want to major in it, but you do not know what major we have relatives with it, you could also go to our school website’s certificates page to find out what majors we have in MiraCosta.


About going back China during school break

Hi everybody.

I have been San Diego about 14 months, I haven’t go back China in this 14 months even once.   I really miss my family and everything in my country, so I am planning going back home in this winter.  But since it is a international trip, the process might be more complicated and confusing than just travel inside the U.S. or China. I’m a little bit frustrated now, but I would like share my knowledge about this so that may offer some help for you.

First, the expiration day of my visa is one year from the day I got it, so it is already expired. There is no problem to have the visa expire while I am in the United States.  But when I go home in December, my visa need to be extended before I return to the United States.

Also, I changed my school from my language school which is located in downtown San Diego to MiraCosta College.  Therefore, I have to redo a visa interview.  I was told I need to bring all same documents with first time I went to visa interview: Bank statement, grade score, house proprietary certificate, etc. Every step is almost the same with first time.  (If I didn’t change my school I can just pay ZhongXin Bank and they will help me expand my visa without going to embassy in person).

And by the way, my city is so beautiful, let’s take a look of it 😀

Isn’t it beautiful? haha.


First week fall semester first blog

The first few weeks is always a little bit tough. As a Chinese student who study alone in America, I have to do everything by myself; Such as add class, pay tuition, solve housing problem..etc. It’s kind of tough for me, but I know I will become a more independent person after this “training”, which is one of the purpose that I choose to study abroad. Sometimes I feel dizzy when I was too busy to relax, but seems life gave me a big surprise is all my professors are quite specialty and all have sense of humor which makes me feel happy and joyful when I am in class. Nice professors helps me more focus on study,I will work harder than last semester!

About last week, finally I’ve got some free time to relax on the beach in the weekend. I love SoCal so much especially sunshine and beaches here.I know not only person who love those beautiful things. anyway, good luck to myself and all of you! 😀


Annie from China

Hello everyone! My name is Xu, but you can call me Annie which maybe easier for you to pronounce. I am from KaiFeng, China.I have been to California about 1 year, half year ago I studied in Kaplan International Language School that located in downtown San Diego and got an advanced English level certificate. After that I started my study life in MiraCosta college, Oceanside, which is an amazing school with friendly staffs. If you have any question about MiraCosta college, you can ask me!
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大家好,我叫张煦,英文名是Annie。我来自河南省开封市。我已经来到加州一年了,半年前,我在圣地亚哥市中心的kaplan英文学校提高英文,并且获得了高级英语证书。之后我开始了在坐落于欧申塞德的米拉克斯塔学院美好的学习生活。 大家有什么关于学校的问题都可以来问我哦。