Women’s History Month & International Women’s Day 2018-by Lee

iwd 2

Save the date, as it is an important date for women and female-identifying people around the world!

And the theme is:

iwd 2018

Why is this important? Simply put, women around the world do not get the same things as men. Women have always had to fight harder for equality and equity, and in the this day and time when things are getting shaken up, it’s important for women to band together, now, to achieve things like equal pay, equal treatment, etc. Women have always been treated as less than the man, and this day, is one of many ways to “bite back” at the way we’ve been mistreated, disrespected, downplayed and ignored.

This is a day to show that we run the world. That without us, man is nothing. That without us, there would be no cooked food on the proverbial table. That without us, man would not be nursed back to full health. That without us, we would not, so to speak, procreate, and give birth to children.

Keep posted for updates on this international, world-wide event, and I will continue to post updates on how you can take part if you wish!


Coffee Chat Series: Meet Dr. Alketa Wojcik of Student Services and Success! – Lee

Here is the last and final meet and greet of our Coffee Chat series, this time with the wonderful Dr. Alketa Wojcik, the Vice President of Student Services!

Dr. Alkete Wojcik Coffee Chat Series Commercial

Here is the full interview!



“Conversation with Faculty” is one of the Coffee Chat Series sponsored by MiraCosta International Office where all of MiraCosta international students are welcome to join us for awesome conversations with MiraCosta leaders. We are open for all of the appropriate questions and topics, especially ones contributing to your success.

Dr. Alketa Wojick, the Vice President of Student Services at MiraCosta College, will be available on Wednesday, 11/1/2017 from 5:00-6:00 pm , inside the Cafeteria. You can find her at the table with flags from all over the world. Free coffee, tea, and some suprising treats will be provided.

What students pay for housing – By Lee

When deciding upon coming to Miracosta College (or anywhere else for that matter), a question to ask is how much can you expect to pay while living here in Southern California. Well, I have made it really easy for you, by interviewing several different students about how much they pay rent, what kind of accomodations they live in, and what features they get with their rent. They have all opted to stay anonymous, but they are all current Fall 2017 students.

Student #1:

I pay $400 for rent for my own room (master) in Hidden Cove Apartments, in Escondido, CA. I split it evenly with 5 other people. I also share my bathroom with someone else. With $400 I get gated community, a parking space, heated pool, maintenance, and in-apartment gym.


Student #2:

I pay $200, but I live with family in a house, in Vista, CA So I share with everyone, and get all other housing expenses for free.

Student #3:

I pay $400 for a couch in an apartent in Shadowridge Summerwind Apartments in Vista, CA. I share the apartment with one other person. I get everything included with my rent.


Student #4:

I currently live with my parents, because even though I tried to live on my own, it was just too expensive. I had paid $700 in rent, split it with one other person, in downtown San Diego. Add to that the expenses of food, gas, utilites, and other stuff, it was just too expensive.  Sidenote: San Diego is expensive so be aware of the amount needed to stay here, even it’s just for 6 months.


Student #5:

I pay $250, but I live with my mom to help out. I live in a house here in Oceanside, with my own bathroom. The only thing I do not get with the rent is laundry expenses.

Student #6

I pay $700 to live with a host family which includes food and utilities. I found the family when a friend moved out and I went to visit the house.  When I first arrived to MiraCosta I stayed with a host family.  I didn’t like sharing a bathroom, but the family was very nice and took me to many places in San Diego.  I think it is good to start with a host family because you will learn more about the local area faster.

To find a host family you can apply with Homestay Services International.

As you can see, there is a wide range of prices, but the average is $600 in the Northern San Diego county area (Oceanside, Vista, San Marcos, Escondido, Carlsbad, Encinitas) to share a room and apartment. So, with all that being said, this is why it is necessary for you to put aside so much money before coming here, because it is really expensive. BUT, it is worth it once you do arrive. There is a reason why it’s expensive here, especially in Southern California, and it’s because everyone in the nation and the world wants to live here (Hint: it’s got something to do with Hollywood — and the great weather).

Why join a Club? by Lee

That is the question. Why join a club? As a busy student myself, I know that it can be challenging to new students to figure out their schedule. But I also know that once you’re gotten your schedule, and you are in a groove, I’m pretty sure that you can join a club or two.

But let’s say that you do have the time to join one or two clubs. Why should you?

They are also a good way to just relieve stress from exams, and hanging out whnever you have free time. It even connects you to people who may become lifelong friends!

With there being around 50 clubs to choose from, there’s something everyone! I can tell you that I’m currently a member of 5 different clubs, have helped at events of another 5 clubs, and I’m president of the K-Pop club. Again, I’m one busy student, and I love it!

With that being said, join a club! Or start one! When you come to MiraCosta, you can start a club by visiting the Student Center Help Desk, which is the counter top right outside of the International Office.


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Lee from U.S.

My name is Lee  and welcome to my blog! I am a third year student here at MiraCosta College with a lot to say.

LeeI am 26 years old as of this posting, but will turn 27 this upcoming November. I am originally from the state of Florida, but moved to the state of California in February 2012. I started attending MiraCosta College in August of 2015. I am double majoring in both Dance and Sociology. My goal is to graduate in Spring of 2019 with an Associate’s degree in Dance and in Sociology, and then transfer to either University of California Los Angeles, or University of California, Irvine for a concentration in both Latin Ballroom, and Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies.

I am also very active on campus! I am part of my school’s student governing body, the Associated Student Government of Miracosta, as well as President and Co-Founder of the K-Pop Club. I also am president of a group that represents a specific group of students at the California state level of legislation.

I do all of this while also taking 14 units (which is equal to about 5 classes) AND working! Just call me “busy”! For fun, I like to read, sleep, play video games, and go shopping. My favorite color is purple, even though you will always see me wearing black, and I love Beyoncé!

If you would like to know more about me, please feel free to send me a message, or leave a comment!