Stream Festival – by Miku

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 9.09.20 AMOn April 15, from 1-4 pm at MiraCosta Oceanside campus, we had a Service Learning & Volunteer Center STREAM FESTIVAL!!

Stream festival is a free event for the K-8th grade community. STREAM stands for science, technology, reading/writing, engineering, arts, and math.

That was really big event. So many kids came and everyone looked enjoying a lot!

Also, the students also enjoyed this great event!


Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 9.19.25 AMMany departments joined this event. This is the Club IT in the CSIT department, which stands for Computer Studies and Information Technology.

They shows students how to create electronic circuits with Raspberry PI computers, breadboards, and electronic components. Also kids could learn how to program circuits to turn LED lights on and off using Scratch programming.

Even though this is for kids, I was also really interested in this projects.


Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 9.31.57 AMI also participated this festival as a member of Chinese 102 class.

We introduced many kinds of Chinese festival wearing Chinese traditional clothes. We made a flyer for explanation of their celebration, provided them Chinese green tea, treats, and sticker.

I think that understanding other culture is really good for children to be an international person. They asked us so many questions about China. I was really surprised and glad at their inquisitive minds. I really enjoyed this event!


Japanese Spring Festival

On March 30, we had a Japanese Spring Festival at MiraCosta Oceanside campus!

In Japan, spring is a really special season. Because the winter of Japan is so long and cold, we wait for the arrival of spring seriously. That is why, in many parts of Japan, we celebrate it as a festival called “Matsuri”   The Japanese Club at MiraCosta planned the activities on campus.  It was so fun for the club and the rest of the campus!

12:00-1:00… Taiko (Japanese traditional musical instrument) and Japanese jazz performance

1:00-3:00… Japanese cultural activities

During that event, we have some Japanese foods, such as chicken teriyaki bowl, and some Japanese treats, such as this picture, green tea cupcakes. Especially this cupcakes look so beautiful and there is the symbol of Japan; cherry blossoms on the top. Everyone enjoyed it with tastes and their eyes.

These are the pictures of cultural activities. We had Hukuwarai (making-face game), balloon catch, gold fish catch, calligraphy, and ring toss. A lot of children came to the event and everyone enjoyed these activities. That was really good opportunity to know Japanese culture.


3 events at MiraCosta College

Today there where 3 fun events at MiraCosta College.


Japanese Spring Festival: There were cupcakes and Japanese outfit and tea. They were a few games. It was a cool event to get to know the Japanese culture.

College Hour: Always a cool event to be. There is always music and free food. You can come with you friends and meet new friends!

GradFest 2017: If your are graduating this semester, it is the best place to buy a cap and gown for the commencement. You can also take photos in the Photo Booth!

Halloween Party for International Student


Last week was Halloween week.  I hope everyone enjoy their Halloween events.

I am a member of MiraCosta College Japanese club.  This year, our club did big Halloween night event.

This event was for all of MiraCosta students, especially international students. Also they invited Palomar college’s international club. They provide free food; pizza, hotdog, and cakes.

There was a stage, so they did costume contest. Everyone’s costume was really nice!  After the costume contest, DJ play music and everyone was dancing! That was so fun.

There was a special activity; Hunted School!

Many MiraCosta clubs helped for it. Before the event, we changed the campus to scaly one and prepare the actors.

The picture is our Japanese club’s actors.

I tried this Hunted School, and that was so scaly. I screamed a lot. The actors’ performance was really good.  This event was so fun! I enjoyed that.



Go to Climbing Gym in Oceanside!


This week is a very important Midterm week, so every students are studying so hard!

After Midterm exam, I recommend to go to a fun place, Vital Climbing Gym Oceanside!

This is my one of the most favorite place.

Lets go there and relieve all of your frustration from the exams!

This is my climbing video.

This course is a kind of hard, but there are many kinds of level, so don’t worry about that! Everyone can climb^^

I am a gym member, so I can climb 24 hours and the cost is just only $55/month!

If you want to try just only one day, it is $15/day and the time is 11am-9pm.

Also, if you go to there Friday 5-9pm with your student ID, you can get discount and the cost become just only $10/day!

I hope every MiraCosta students enjoy Oceanside life!



BBQ Party with Palomar College

Good morning!

Today, I am going to write about the International BBQ party with Palomar College students^^

The party was at Oceanside Pier on September 9 to start the new school year.  Palomar College is located 20 minutes away from Mira Costa College.  They have a lot of international students also, so we sometimes do events together.

The day was good weather and the ocean was so beautiful.

They really enjoyed the party!

They were dancing, singing, and some students were swmming. But they looked so cold. lol

Here is the picture of them.

Many students bring some foods and drinks. Also both colleges’ international club provide some.  That was so tasty^^








Many students joined to play volleyball include both Palomar and MiraCosta. We could make a lot of new international friends.

That was really fun and good event!