What does a student worker at MiraCosta College look like?

As an international student at MiraCosta College, you can work up to 19.5 hours/week. First of all, you have to be a full time student taking at least 12 units in the semester. Thus, even if you work at multiple departments, the total hours you can work in a week have to add up to no more than 19.5 hours. Besides submission of application in the departments and the hire package in Career Center, approval from International Office is required. I want to introduce my job as a Blogger/Student Outreach so that everyone who reads this blog would have an idea what it looks like to be a student worker at MiraCosta College.

Amandine From France (left) and Nhi from Vietnam work as Student Outreach
  • Duties: Publish at least two blogs in a month
  • Hours/week: At least one hour in international office to blog, sometimes more for additional event, which is pretty flexible
  • Additional activities:
    • Conduct interviews prior to the Coffee Chat Series
    • Help on some international events related to MiraCosta College and its English Language Institute
  • Experiences gained:
    • Being more active on campus
    • Increase writing skills
    • Being more creative
    • Have chance to work with MiraCosta leaders, such as faculty and staff
    • Know more people and gain relationships
    • Gain information

Following are the interviews conducted for the Coffee Chat Series:


For more information of working on campus, check out Mari’s blog


Midterms by Alex

Hafidha’s favorite study corner in the MiraCosta Oceanside library

Midterm tests can be stressful. Last week I finished my midterm tests for all my classes and I feel confident about them. As an experienced student, let me give you recommendations on how to prepare:

  • Always go to classes, its a lot easier to learn with someone who understands the course telling you whats important, and also allows you to ask questions. Some students don’t realize the difference of attending and not attending the classes. SO what do you do in class? —  listen, and take notes.  While everyone knows that taking notes is important, let me tell you a little secret, the more notes you take the less you have to read the text book.
  • So in that case why do you need a textbook, well sometimes you do not, but that is very rare. The value of a textbook is directly tied to the type of teacher some use lectures to add to the book, while some use the book to add to the lectures. figuring out what type of teacher you have is also important.
  • One personal tip for understanding teachers is look at quizzes or sample tests to figure out how they ask questions. Some teachers ask what date something took place while others might ask what took place on that date, by pinpointing what they will ask will let you determine what is important.
  • Last step is not to worry.  The more worried you are means they less prepared you are and you will have the tendency to make small mistakes that will add up. Doing bad on the midterm isn’t the end, most of the time, you still have the later half of the class and the final to catch back up and learn from your mistakes.

Japanese Spring Festival

On March 30, we had a Japanese Spring Festival at MiraCosta Oceanside campus!

In Japan, spring is a really special season. Because the winter of Japan is so long and cold, we wait for the arrival of spring seriously. That is why, in many parts of Japan, we celebrate it as a festival called “Matsuri”   The Japanese Club at MiraCosta planned the activities on campus.  It was so fun for the club and the rest of the campus!

12:00-1:00… Taiko (Japanese traditional musical instrument) and Japanese jazz performance

1:00-3:00… Japanese cultural activities

During that event, we have some Japanese foods, such as chicken teriyaki bowl, and some Japanese treats, such as this picture, green tea cupcakes. Especially this cupcakes look so beautiful and there is the symbol of Japan; cherry blossoms on the top. Everyone enjoyed it with tastes and their eyes.

These are the pictures of cultural activities. We had Hukuwarai (making-face game), balloon catch, gold fish catch, calligraphy, and ring toss. A lot of children came to the event and everyone enjoyed these activities. That was really good opportunity to know Japanese culture.


3 events at MiraCosta College

Today there where 3 fun events at MiraCosta College.


Japanese Spring Festival: There were cupcakes and Japanese outfit and tea. They were a few games. It was a cool event to get to know the Japanese culture.

College Hour: Always a cool event to be. There is always music and free food. You can come with you friends and meet new friends!

GradFest 2017: If your are graduating this semester, it is the best place to buy a cap and gown for the commencement. You can also take photos in the Photo Booth!

Video Oceanside Campus Tour(日本語Ver.)



  • キャンパスは緑が沢山で、公園のようなリラックスできるオープンスペースも!
  • ヤシの木、サボテンなど南国気分を味わえる植物も沢山
  • あまり雨が降らない温暖な気候
  • キャンパスからは海も見えます
  • 屋外でリラックスや勉強が出来るスペースも沢山
  • 基本的に建物はどれも低いので、上を見上げればいつでも広くて青い空が!(夜にはとっても綺麗な満天の星空も拝めます!)
  • キャンパスを歩いているだけで可愛いウサギやリスにも遭遇できちゃいます!





Video Oceanside Campus Tour

Hi there! How is your day? Since many MiraCosta College students said they liked view and atmosphere at MiraCosta College, today I would like to introduce our beautiful MiraCosta Oceanside campus here!!

First of all, what I think MiraCosta’s wonderful points are:

  • A lot of green & open space like a park
  • Palm tree, cacti, Agave (We can feel a tropical atmosphere)
  • Warm weather & little rain
  • Ocean view from the campus
  • Many outside places we can relax and study
  • Low buildings, so we can see broad sky (and stars at night)
  • Cute bunnies & squirrels

Just describing MiraCosta campus with bunch of letters is not enough to imagine MCC, isn’t it? So, I made a video for it! It’s like a virtual campus tour. I hope that you guys will enjoy the video and that it will help you to feel and imagine MCC!!

MCC Virtual Campus Tour  (Click here to watch the video!)

Thank you for watching and see you at the next posting!