Japanese Spring Festival

On March 30, we had a Japanese Spring Festival at MiraCosta Oceanside campus!

In Japan, spring is a really special season. Because the winter of Japan is so long and cold, we wait for the arrival of spring seriously. That is why, in many parts of Japan, we celebrate it as a festival called “Matsuri”   The Japanese Club at MiraCosta planned the activities on campus.  It was so fun for the club and the rest of the campus!

12:00-1:00… Taiko (Japanese traditional musical instrument) and Japanese jazz performance

1:00-3:00… Japanese cultural activities

During that event, we have some Japanese foods, such as chicken teriyaki bowl, and some Japanese treats, such as this picture, green tea cupcakes. Especially this cupcakes look so beautiful and there is the symbol of Japan; cherry blossoms on the top. Everyone enjoyed it with tastes and their eyes.

These are the pictures of cultural activities. We had Hukuwarai (making-face game), balloon catch, gold fish catch, calligraphy, and ring toss. A lot of children came to the event and everyone enjoyed these activities. That was really good opportunity to know Japanese culture.



3 events at MiraCosta College

Today there where 3 fun events at MiraCosta College.


Japanese Spring Festival: There were cupcakes and Japanese outfit and tea. They were a few games. It was a cool event to get to know the Japanese culture.

College Hour: Always a cool event to be. There is always music and free food. You can come with you friends and meet new friends!

GradFest 2017: If your are graduating this semester, it is the best place to buy a cap and gown for the commencement. You can also take photos in the Photo Booth!

Video Oceanside Campus Tour(日本語Ver.)



  • キャンパスは緑が沢山で、公園のようなリラックスできるオープンスペースも!
  • ヤシの木、サボテンなど南国気分を味わえる植物も沢山
  • あまり雨が降らない温暖な気候
  • キャンパスからは海も見えます
  • 屋外でリラックスや勉強が出来るスペースも沢山
  • 基本的に建物はどれも低いので、上を見上げればいつでも広くて青い空が!(夜にはとっても綺麗な満天の星空も拝めます!)
  • キャンパスを歩いているだけで可愛いウサギやリスにも遭遇できちゃいます!





Video Oceanside Campus Tour

Hi there! How is your day? Since many MiraCosta College students said they liked view and atmosphere at MiraCosta College, today I would like to introduce our beautiful MiraCosta Oceanside campus here!!

First of all, what I think MiraCosta’s wonderful points are:

  • A lot of green & open space like a park
  • Palm tree, cacti, Agave (We can feel a tropical atmosphere)
  • Warm weather & little rain
  • Ocean view from the campus
  • Many outside places we can relax and study
  • Low buildings, so we can see broad sky (and stars at night)
  • Cute bunnies & squirrels

Just describing MiraCosta campus with bunch of letters is not enough to imagine MCC, isn’t it? So, I made a video for it! It’s like a virtual campus tour. I hope that you guys will enjoy the video and that it will help you to feel and imagine MCC!!

MCC Virtual Campus Tour  (Click here to watch the video!)

Thank you for watching and see you at the next posting!


Continuing on Why MiraCosta College is a great college option

Hello, everyone. I have talked about why I think MiraCosta College is one of the best options for students to start their college education. This time, I am going to share with you why do current students decide to study at MiraCosta.

Last year, the school did a poster survey around campus starting a poster with the statement:  “I WENT TO MIRACOSTA COLLEGE BECAUSE…” Many students participated by completing this sentence. Here were some of the most popular answers:

  • Tuition is very affortable
  • Beautiful views and nice San Diego weathers
  • Lots of Financial-Aid programs
  • Easy to be admitted
  • Friendly professors and Free Tutors
  • Lots of things to do around the campus/Good location

A Business major classmate who was born in China gave me a good example of why students chose to fly overseas and study at MiraCosta College. He says “When I was in China, I studied at an agency called The New East, and they offered me many options for American Colleges. Among all the schools, MiraCosta College has the best rate and reputation.” He tells me that on the website of North American International Students’ News, he reads about the ranking of the top community colleges in the United States. “At first, my parents didn’t like the idea of me going to a community college. But after I showed them that MiraCosta College is the top 10th college in California, and it has admission guarantee programs to UC schools, they were both very happy with my decision.”He says to me proudly.


Why is MiraCosta College a good choice?

I cannot believe how fast school goes.  This coming week is going to the midterm for many MiraCosta students.  At the same time, it is also the important period of the year to apply for admission to 4-year universities. If you who are deciding which U.S. college to attend, please do continue reading this blog. Based on my personal experience as an applicant and a student, I highly recommend MiraCosta College as your stepping stone to achieve academic success.

This blog is open to all of you who are considering starting a college education in California, and I am not going to advertise MiraCosta college because I go there, but because I think choosing MiraCosta can be one of the smartest choices you would make in your life! These are the reasons I choose to attend MiraCosta College:

  • MiraCosta College is at beautiful Oceanside, CA; this means that I get to enjoy the nice weather and amazing ocean views all year long.  Besides, I don’t need to carry my heavy winter clothes oversea because the winter in California is so warm and cozy. Most of the times, I wear a long sleeve shirt and jeans in November and maybe add on a thin jacket in December.
  • MiraCosta College is very affordable, and provides the same classes as the 4-year universities.   To compare costs, I pay around $3800 each semester including the health insurance cost and tuition fees. International students at a California State University pay about $8,000 per semester. So you see, I save more than $10,000 each year.
  • MiraCosta College provides multiple transfer plans which covers the general education courses for many popular colleges such as  CSU(California State University), and many UC (University of California) schools like UCB , UCLA, UCI , UCSD , and many other local colleges as well. I am currently preparing my university applications to all four of the UC schools that I motioned, and I am guaranteed to be admitted by UCI because of the TAG offered at MiraCosta College. I am excited to hear the responses in spring 2015.
  • MiraCosta College has free tutor programs and personal counselors to help you step by step through your academic studying. I have met with the math, English, and accounting tutors many times, and they all are very helpful in preparing me for tests and writing assignments. The most important thing is, it is FREE!
  • I arrived to MiraCosta with a TOEFL score of 95. But if you need to improve your English, you can attend ELI (English Language Institute) at MiraCosta College and you Don’t need a TOEFL score for MiraCosta College’s admission.

I hope these information are helpful for your decision making, and I am looking forward to hear from you.