Halloween Party for International Student


Last week was Halloween week.  I hope everyone enjoy their Halloween events.

I am a member of MiraCosta College Japanese club.  This year, our club did big Halloween night event.

This event was for all of MiraCosta students, especially international students. Also they invited Palomar college’s international club. They provide free food; pizza, hotdog, and cakes.

There was a stage, so they did costume contest. Everyone’s costume was really nice!  After the costume contest, DJ play music and everyone was dancing! That was so fun.

There was a special activity; Hunted School!

Many MiraCosta clubs helped for it. Before the event, we changed the campus to scaly one and prepare the actors.

The picture is our Japanese club’s actors.

I tried this Hunted School, and that was so scaly. I screamed a lot. The actors’ performance was really good.  This event was so fun! I enjoyed that.




Club Meetings at MiraCosta

MiraCosta has multiple student clubs from the Accounting and Business Club to the Yoga Club, you name it! Clubs allow you to share your interests with others that hold a curiosity in that subject. Besides, clubs improve your resume and you get to meet friends!

Today, I joined the International and the Chinese Club in celebrating the Double Ninth Festival.

Check out the fun we had:

I hope to welcome you soon at MiraCosta College!


How To Celebrate Chinese Moon Festival in Miracosta.

Moon Festival is a traditional festival in China. The festival is held on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar with full moon at night, it is September 15 in 2016. So on September 14, 2016, Aubrey kuan who is the Advisor for international club&Chinese club hold a small party to celebrate the Moon festival.

The Festival is held in Child Development Center in MiraCosta. Because there are many cute kids celebrate the Moon Festival with us. They perform a show named The Archer and The SunIt is a traditional Chinese story. Because this story is connect with the Moon Festival, so these little kids tell this story to let more people get to know Moon Festival. 

Then we have a Chinese student to sing. He sings three songs with guitar in front of the audience. After he sings, the Moon Festival is come to the end. 

In the end, we move to the amazing part: 

eating moon cakes. Moon cakes are traditional Chinese food. We have many different kinds of moon cakes. In China, eating moon cakes is one way to celebrate Moon Festival too. 

At last, the photographer took a photo for all Chinese students. The meaning of Moon festival is gather all Chinese students and don’t let anyone feel alone when they far away from home! This is how we celebrate Chinese Moon Festival in Miracosta, come on and join us! 



Happy Chinese New Year !!

Hi, today is the Chinese New Year 2015! I hope you guys had a chance to stop by our Chinese New Year Celebration last Thursday, here is the link to visit some awesome pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/miracosta_college/16264866038/in/photostream/

Please feel free to greet others with a Big Smile and Happy New Year !


World Cultures Day 2014

The fountain area yesterday was a mix of over 30 different cultures as MiraCosta College hosted the World Cultures Day, an event presented by MiraCosta College Intercultural Communication class, student clubs, and international students.

Thanks to the efforts put up by students involved in the event, fellow students as well staff could explore cultural artifacts, ethnic costumes, photos, and authentic snacks from all over the world while visiting the tables designated to each country.

Along with the tables, students enjoyed a music performance by the San Diego Persian Culture Center, as well as Polynesian and hip hop dance performances by MiraCosta College students.

The event was a great opportunity for students to interact and learn about new cultures, what do they do, how do they operate, what do they eat, etc. The event was a success and everyone had a wonderful time!!


Fun Activities on Campus

Hello Everybody! Welcome to my blog.

It’s already September and now it is so hot in San Diego.

Today, I would like to tell you a little bit about fun activities in MiraCosta College. Besides classes and studying students also like to have fun at school with your friends. And everething is available here, in MiraCosta campus! During the year MiraCosta has a various events for students. Such as college hour, field trips, club activities and sport competition.

Students can find various clubs on MiraCosta college. We have different language clubs, like Chinese, Japanese, Italian. One of my favorite club is International Club. Clubs usually meets twice a month where they discuss different topics, studying together and plan a field trips! The attending of the club is totally free and this is a great way to meet new people with the same hobbies and interests.

Also, twice of each month we have an college hour, that is usually on Thursdays. College hours are organize by Mira Costa Associated Student Government. Imagine yourself outside sitting on a grass with other students relaxing and enjoying your time. Students have a free lunch and there are speakers and music around. College hour is a great way to have fun during the break or just relax off your classes. Also, during the college hour you might see different organization who is informing students about them and encourage them to join. College hour is a very fun event to attend to make your experience in MiraCosta more memorable and and excited!

Check out our MiraCosta Flicker account to find more amazing pictures from MiraCosta!

Halloween College Hour

College Hour 80th Anniversary

College Hour MiraCosta College