MiraCosta College fun activities by Yu

Fall 2018 semester just started I am so so excited to go class, because I will obtain more knowledge as well as English skills. This is my second year at MiraCosta and it make me to recall my memories of first semester. Here is the first day of orientation link please check it out!

Among the my memories at MiraCosta, the college activities are most fun time to spend. 

Every Thursday we have an activities in middle of our campus. Students like to (spend time) hang around during the activities. What’s more students are not only playing mini game, but also having food for free as long you have a student card with you! Every-week college hour provide different foods and games. College hour also have DJ who plays popular songs and make students to enjoy time there.

College Hour Video link

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Why join a Club? by Lee

That is the question. Why join a club? As a busy student myself, I know that it can be challenging to new students to figure out their schedule. But I also know that once you’re gotten your schedule, and you are in a groove, I’m pretty sure that you can join a club or two.

But let’s say that you do have the time to join one or two clubs. Why should you?

They are also a good way to just relieve stress from exams, and hanging out whnever you have free time. It even connects you to people who may become lifelong friends!

With there being around 50 clubs to choose from, there’s something everyone! I can tell you that I’m currently a member of 5 different clubs, have helped at events of another 5 clubs, and I’m president of the K-Pop club. Again, I’m one busy student, and I love it!

With that being said, join a club! Or start one! When you come to MiraCosta, you can start a club by visiting the Student Center Help Desk, which is the counter top right outside of the International Office.


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