How to get your U.S driver license?

Yes, it’s possible for an international student to get a U.S license driver if you are over 18!

Driving in the U.S can be very different from driving in your home country, and so the rules and laws can be very different. Also each states in the U.S have different laws, so I you plan to do a road trip in another state, make sure you read about the differences to not get a ticket!

Here are the step to follow:

STEP 1. Make an appointment before going to the DMV office.

Click here to find an office near you.  Click on the location you want and then go on Make an appointment and choose Office Visit Appointment Fill the form with you information.

STEP 2. Study for the written test. You can get a handbook in English or your language to study at the DMV or online. You have 36 questions and you can make up to 3 mistakes. Practice for the test here, here and here.

STEP 3. The day of the appointment. COME EARLIER: it is always crowed so plan ahead mainly if you planned to do something else during your day. Come prepared with all your documents and money to pay fees.You will need: your passport, I-20, I-94, $35 in cash or card.

Once in the DMV, you will fill a form (Form DL 44) with your information, you will be given a number, you will pass a vision test, you will have your fingerprint and your photo taken. You can ask to pass the test in your own language if you wish.

STEP 4. The test. You will be called to pass the test on a screen. You will start your test and answer the question. Once you are done, you will know if you passed it or no. If you passed, you will be delivered a receipt which is valid for 1 year to pass to behind-the-wheel test.

STEP 5. Schedule a driving testClick here to find an office near you. Click on the location you want and then go on “Make an appointment” and choose Behind-the-Wheel Drive Test Fill the form with you information and the receipt received from the DMV.

STEP 6. The driving test.

Once you arrive at the office, go to the right service (driving test). You will wait in a lane. Once it is your turn at the window, give all the document they are requiring INCLUDING the receipt from the written test. They will give you a document that you will put on the dashboard of your card.

Then you will be called and you will have to go get your car on the parking and bring it where DMV examiners are.

It takes 15-20 minutes. An examiner will come to you, and ask you do some basic stuff, like turn on your lights, your right signal…

While you drive, the examiner will grade you, DON’T look at their sheet, it is not because they write something that you did something wrong and FOCUS on your driving. They also write what you did right.

PS: if you rent a car, or borrow a car from someone to pass the driving test the car HAS TO BE insured.

STEP 7. Got it!

At the end of the drive, you examiner will tell you if you passed or not, what you did right or wrong.

If you pass the test, you will be givenan interim license valid for 90days until you recive your new photo license in the mail.

If you want to see what at driving test looks like, click here