Interview with Victoria (ELI Student) by Matias – Part 2


To summarize,  it is pretty easy to apply to the English Language Institute and get to MiraCosta College.  I hope this video helps! Make sure to check out the other ELI interviews to be even more informed.

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Process in becoming an ELI student part 1 by Matias

MiraCosta College offers a great English language program called the English Language Institute (ELI) .  Here are two easy steps to learn English in Oceanside, California.

Step 1. Learn about the program.

Step 2. Fill in an international student application.

Watch this video to find the international student application form on the MiraCosta website.

Learn about ELI from an International Student from Colombia

What is ELI? 

The English Language Institute (ELI) is a full-time English language training program at MiraCosta College.   The program offers 8-week classes starting in January, March, June, August and October.  Classes meet 4 hours per day, 20 hours per week.  ELI provides international students the opportunity to increase their English language proficiency and develop the skills needed for success in a college or university in the United States. The program is designed for students with a minimum of one year English language training at high school or college level. Students must be at least 18 years old or live with a certified legal guardian near the college.  The program is fun and students learn a lot.

Meet Diana a MiraCosta international student who attended ELI and is now enrolled in a college program in Computer Studies

Diana, an international student from Colombia
  1. Please briefly introduce yourself
    My name is Diana Monsalvo and I am from Colombia
  2. What made you choose MiraCosta College (MCC)?
    I chose MiraCosta College because my family heard that it was a good institution for international students, they would help you and guide you through every step while you assist in the college
  3. What would be the most difficulty you have had while studying in the US?

     Since I came here I’ve had a lot of obstacles, and one of them was the language. Because when I came here I could not speak English, it was really hard for me. I remember when I started my English program (ELI) all of my classmates could speak the language, so I felt so frustrated and I just wanted to go back to my country. However, the good thing was that my teachers were so dedicated with me. They put a lot effort on their classes so I could understand them. I feel so grateful to them because thanks to them my English went from 0 to 100. After 7 months attending ELI, I could understand and have a full conversation in English

  4. Have you ever studied anywhere else besides the US?
    No, I have never studied in another country
  5. How did you learn English and prepare for studying abroad?
    I learned English and I prepared myself in MiraCosta ELI program. Based on my experience, I can say that this program is the best. ELI instructors are wonderful, especially Zakia. She really put her time to teach me the language. It was amazing how she could do that. I really can tell how grateful I am, and how my English has been improved, since I started from that program
  6. What is your most favorite place at MCC? Please tell us three things you like about MCC
    My favorite place is the Library. It is a great place to study and stay focused on your classes. Also, there are a lot of tutors who can help, which is wonderful for international students. I am studying in a country which your language is completely different, but it is great when I know that I get a lot of help from Student Resources at MiraCosta College, such as Writing Center, Math Learning Center, Tutoring and Academic Support Center, and Computer Science Lab. That makes it easier and gives us more confidence when studying
  7. How long have you attended MCC and what is your goal? Do you have a school that you want to attend?

     I have been studied in MiraCosta College for 2 years, but this is my second semester as college student who officially takes credit classes. I spent a year attending ELI at MiraCosta. I don’t have yet any specific school I want to transfer to

  8. What is a piece of advice you have for new students?
    My advice for the new students is: “Believe in yourself. In spite of all the changes that you will face – such as teachers, colleagues, freedom and new responsibilities in general – you must know that they are fears that everyone must face and that you will be able to overcome them with your inner strength”
  9. As a Columbian international student, what are the three interesting things about your country you would want us to know?

    Our culture, food, and tradition are really three important components in my country which I am really proud of. I always share them with my new friends and classmates

  10. Is there anything you want to share to our readers?
    MiraCosta is a really good institution, and if you are an MiraCosta international student like I am, you know that I am right. 😉


Nhi Tran

Fuji City – Our Sister City

Fuji City from Japan is one of sister cities of Oceanside.  In August, people from Fuji city came to Oceanside in two times!  I worked as a volunteer and help their activities.

First visit was the beginning of August. Junior high school and high school students came and see the City of Oceanside.

They joined ‘College for Kids’ which is trial classes program by Mira Costa College for 6-17 years old. There were art, cooking, and science class. It was so hard for them to communicate to American students, but finally, they got a lot of American friends!


They also joined Mira Costa ELI (English Language Institute) class.

The teacher did really fun lecture, so they enjoyed a lot!

They took a picture with Oceanside mayor

Fuji city students met Oceanside mayor!

He guided them in his office.

He was really sweet, friendly, and kindly person^^





ELI – a wonderful family for international students!

ELI was the second home for me when I first came to the U.S. It is not only just an English course, but it is also a place that I can make friends from all over the world and learn many different cultures from others. Besides, the professors are really patient, friendly, helpful, understandable and so sweet. They help us not only for school, but also for mental whenever we have problems in life or being homesick. They are such an amazing professors!

Awesome friends
Wonderful classmates and professors

Also, the course is really useful and enjoyable for us who are still young and always want to explore something new. For example, beside those classes to help us improve our English skills such as grammar, writing and reading, idioms, American culture and speaking, and so on, we also have a Friday activity class which is our favorite class. Every Friday, our professors will bring us to different place to introduce us about life in the U.S. and their culture. For example, we went to see a movie together which is so much fun, played bowling or went to the restaurant to get to know each other at the very first day. We also made a pumpkin for Halloween day, played paint balls, went to Boomer to enjoy so many games such as racing, laser gun, and so on. Is was so much fun, and it brought us closer and closer.

whale watching

laser gun
paint balls

Also, there are some feed back from current students in ELI class that I have talked to. They are from all over the world with many different culture and languages. Some of them have been in this course for few months; some of them just attended this course at the first time.

Linh, a new student in ELI class, who came from Vietnam like me! He is sense of humor, out going, and kind.

He love ELI class as his lovely family. The professor are very friendly and helpful who help him improve his English skills every day to prepare for his TOEFL test to attend to college. Besides, through this course he learned more about English, American culture, American slang and idioms which are really interesting. The classes are very fun, and he could make a lot of international friends from all over the world.

Rahaf is from Saudi. She is a little bit shy, but she is really nice and funny.

The things that she loves from ELI class is the material that the course provides them. They provide coffee, drink, and snack sometimes. About the class material, the professors will give you documents that you need during your classes, and you can print and make copy in the lab room which is really convenient. Besides, she really likes the schedule because it is not too early in the morning and too late in the afternoon. Their classes start at 12:00 pm and finish at 4:00 pm.

Silvia, a very nice and calm woman, who is from Barcelona, Spain.

She really loves the professors in ELI class and the material of the class. She also likes the Friday class activities because she can learn many new things from American culture and life, especially, she can get to know more about her classmates.

However, there are few things that she doesn’t really like about the course such as the schedule. It is not really convenient for her, who is the mother of her family. It is kind of the middle of the day, so she couldn’t do anything else besides classes because she has to take care of her family. She also suggests that this course should have online class which makes it more variable and interesting.



Explore English Language Institute

     The English Language Institute (ELI) offers international students the opportunity to increase their English language proficiency and develop the skills needed for success in a college or university in the United States. The program is designed for students with a minimum of one year English language training at high school or college level. This class may not be appropriate for advanced ESL students or students with a TOEFL score greater than 500 paper-based or 46 IBT. Students must be at least 18 years old or meet our minor policy requirements.

     When I arrived to MiraCosta College, I studied at ELI for one semester. They offered great basic language instruction for helping you increase English skills, such as speaking, listening, reading and writing. All the instructors are extremely friendly and helpful.

     Monday to Friday, we usually have 4 hours class, 12pm-4pm. Each Friday, ELI program offers a fun activity to explore around Oceanside. For example, we had paint ball shooting game, beach event, boomers lazar tag, eating out, etc.  The class in here are never be boring as well. They always care about your interest first and add academic content later in this class later. You will have fun and learn knowledge at the same time.