Thankful Thanksgiving Break


Happy thanksgiving everyone!

When you hear about thanksgiving, what would you come up with?

I definitely imagine a huge turkey and many traditional dishes.


Thanksgiving, we spend time with their family together.

Sometimes, we gather with friends to celebrate Thanksgiving, which is called Friends giving. For international students, we might be missing our family on this special day. On the other hand, celebrating with friends will get rid of loneliness. That how I usually spend my Thanksgiving.

This is my second-time thanksgiving since I attend MiraCosta College. This year I spent time with my friends and their family. My friend is really nice and kind. They always invite me to their house and have a nice meal. I had a big turkey at my friend’s house.

Because I got tow invitation from my different friends, I had a big turkey for lunch, then I had another one for dinner. it sounds like turkey festival. isn’t it? ☺️ I barely finished my dinner plate because I the turkey I had for lunch that makes me feel stuffed.

It is an excited break during the Fall semester, I am always looking forward to having turkey for the Thanksgiving, however, I think I had an excess turkey this time.

If you are planning to study abroad, Thanksgiving will be an exciting day for you!

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🎃MiraCosta college Halloween Party🎃

MiraCosta College seasonal Halloween party.

Halloween is a popular activity in the fall. This year our MiraCosta halloween party was sponsored by the International Club and other student groups.  It was held in the Student Center including the cafeteria and several rooms.  

What we had in the party?

  • We got food drinks! pizza, donut, salad and cold drinks!
  • Dance performance from Kpop club.
  • DJ music.
  • Minigames!
  • Terrifying haunted house
  • Costume contest. Winner will receive worth 100$ value prize!

The party wearing costume is not mandatory, we have many students just hang around and enjoy the atmosphere too. The admission is free, which is favorable for our pocket. The party was opened for every student and their friends, so we had more than 50 people in the party. I really enjoyed the haunted house. The staffs worked hard to decorate the the rooms, student got scared one after another.

MiraCosta is not only focus on education, but also provide the opportunity to interacting with other student. Think that is really important to international student because spending time and talking with other people help international student to improve their English as well as communication skills.

Check the URL here and see what the party look like!


Horticulture Majors(Suzanne)

Are you a nature lover?


Or someone which believes that the world is getting too far with all this tendency around technology, and you do not fall in the same track? Consider working with plants, food, and natural things.  Consider a major in Horticulture.

Here are the details of all Majors in Horticulture Program at MiraCosta College where you can check all options, but I want to provide information on what jobs are available after graduation:

Viticulture and Enology:

Students will have hands on experience to understand the crop behavior.  The whole experience rely on classes of wine appreciation and the relations with our climate.

Nursery/Horticulture Crop Production:

This subject teaches propagation techniques and tools to multiply the plants reproduction. The faculty provide greenhouse structures to get students practical experience and encourage them to keep doing as an easy career transition.

Sustainable Agriculture:

The increasing population urges for solutions to increase food production and it is being challenged to do it respecting the environment in this the new demand. Crops are raised for students and teacher, considering many labs in and outside campus to get in touch with the real market already happening.

Sustainable Landscape and Turf Management:

The job market is huge due to changes in water and climate.  It is an important role for individuals and large companies to increase property value. The perspective is broad and brings content to open small business and also work with water use efficiency, showing value for the homeowners in invest in nice landscape companies.

In the Horticulture Department you can count on support to find internships, volunteering in the orchard and/or crops in season and student learning outcomes asked from teacher you help you to get closer.

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MiraCosta College fun activities by Yu

Fall 2018 semester just started I am so so excited to go class, because I will obtain more knowledge as well as English skills. This is my second year at MiraCosta and it make me to recall my memories of first semester. Here is the first day of orientation link please check it out!

Among the my memories at MiraCosta, the college activities are most fun time to spend. 

Every Thursday we have an activities in middle of our campus. Students like to (spend time) hang around during the activities. What’s more students are not only playing mini game, but also having food for free as long you have a student card with you! Every-week college hour provide different foods and games. College hour also have DJ who plays popular songs and make students to enjoy time there.

College Hour Video link

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Getting Personal Help at College by Alex

MiraCosta has ways to help students who are struggling outside of school.  These services include the food panty and health service. The health center offers student medical check ups and mental health counseling. College is the time where many students either become adults or are still getting used to being adults. At that stage in life someone new to being an adult might not understand the benefits of affordable health counseling. This applies for international students, students who are living with parents, and students facing hard times. Medical prices are much higher then they would expect so having the medical help on campus is great!

Food Pantry and the Service Learning Program


The food pantry helps in a similar way, while the food pantry is for students who can’t afford food, if a has forgotten their wallet, or just needs something fast. The pantry is based on donations and includes water battles ramen and canned food so also feel free to donate to help someone else out.  Service Learning gets students involved in the community so you can learn more about social services.

Testing 2.jpgThe Health Services program is supported by student health fees. Most health and medical services are provided without charge. Mental health counseling is free for current students and gives you 50 minute sessions once a week for six weeks. When a student needs medical treatment or medicine, Health Services can help you find a doctor.

All medical and counseling records are confidential