Get an international experience!

You’ve always dreamed about doing an internship in the U.S.A and have an international experience? Well, your dream might become true!

The Institute of International Education for Global Experience and Training (GET) is giving a new opportunity to student all around the world to participate to an internship is the U.S.A!

For who?

If you are an undergraduate or a graduate student, recent college graduate or a young professionals and you want to get international experience and contribute to research in fields such as Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, improve your English and spend some time in the U.S.A..

What I am going to do?

Depending on the field you are interested in, the opportunities are going to be different but unique. It is going to be an unforgettable learning experience.  The opportunities include hands-on research, laboratory time, mentorship, industry-focused lectures, and site visits to companies and organizations relevant or influential to a specific field and a lot more!
Opportunities are full time, requiring 30-40 hours of work per week, and can range from six weeks to six months in durationBesides the research and the opportunities related to your field of study/interest, you and the other participants will go to museum exhibit, field trip to the U.S landmarks, recreational activities, theater, musical productions, national holiday events… 

How cool! You get to meet new people and to be immersed in the American culture!

You want to learn more about this opportunity? READ MORE about it HERE


What I Learned From My Internship

 What I Learned From My Internship

Over the summer of 2015 I took an internship class at MiraCosta.

The class allowed me to work for a start-up golf company and learn everything about making sales over the phone.

I worked 25 hours a week, but as international student you are allowed to work up to 40 hours a week when school is not in session (over the summer break). During the semester, international students at MiraCosta are allowed to work up to 19.5 hours a week. This allows you to explore a company hands on for up to 19.5 hours a week when school is in session.

5 Benefits I Gained From My Internship

1. Hands on Work Experience:

I explored a career in sales and applied skills I’ve learned in the classroom. For example, my inside sales internship put my written and oral communication skills to work.

2. Tweaked My Resume:

In today’s competitive job market it is important to set yourself apart from others. Employers are seeking candidates with relevant work experience, such as applicants who have completed an internship. My internship experience shows that I’ve made an effort in exploring careers related to my major and gained skills in marketing a product.

3. Gain a Permanent Position:

Many employers see interns as possible full-time employees after they finish their internship. After I completed my internship, I got an offer for a permanent position with the company that I can apply for when I am approved for Optional Practical Training.

4. Decide on a Career:

The insights you gain through an internship help you pick a career. Don’t like the company you’re interning for? Or maybe the career is not the right fit? Well, it’s much easier for you to make changes to your career plan if you make these experiences early on your career path through internships. I personally discovered that I would prefer not to work in inside sales.

5. Network:

Meet people that work in your field and gain insights on how they landed a job. Although my internship is over, I’m still in touch with the people I worked with. That’s because I see them as resources – they might provide me with the right contacts later on and help me get a job.


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