Daily schedule of international student

Today would like to share one schedule day

7:00 am

Usually I wake up with my alarm, then I will go refrigerator get my lunch box. After checking my check list on the door, I am ready to drive to school!


Drive to school


Arrive school, and usually I would review the homework before class start.


Econ class starts. I am interested in Economics. Professor Shafin gives his humor experience tight to lecture, which make the lecture even more interesting and fun.


After finishing class. I will enjoy my lunchbox with beautiful ocean view from Cafeteria.


I start working in library as Lab Assistant. I love working here because I learn many things about technology and  meet new friend there.


I go to my English class. This make me recall my high school literacy class. Sometime I struggle with writing an essay, but my classmates are really nice and friendly. They help me understanding the class material.


I work at Math Learning Center as Desk Assistant. I take care of checking out the books and organize the email from Professor.


I finish work and walk to the parking lot meanwhile I can see the sunset. Driving home.


When I get home, the first thing to do is to turn on the switch of my rice cooker, therefore I will have rice ready after shower. sometime I cook noodle as well. I also cook dish for next day lunch day.


So, I make sure everything for tomorrow is ready then start to work on my home work. When I feel exhausted, I will go use Jacuzzi to refresh  tiredness.


My all day is closed

Here is the link Please the movie I made!


Midterms by Alex

Hafidha’s favorite study corner in the MiraCosta Oceanside library

Midterm tests can be stressful. Last week I finished my midterm tests for all my classes and I feel confident about them. As an experienced student, let me give you recommendations on how to prepare:

  • Always go to classes, its a lot easier to learn with someone who understands the course telling you whats important, and also allows you to ask questions. Some students don’t realize the difference of attending and not attending the classes. SO what do you do in class? —  listen, and take notes.  While everyone knows that taking notes is important, let me tell you a little secret, the more notes you take the less you have to read the text book.
  • So in that case why do you need a textbook, well sometimes you do not, but that is very rare. The value of a textbook is directly tied to the type of teacher some use lectures to add to the book, while some use the book to add to the lectures. figuring out what type of teacher you have is also important.
  • One personal tip for understanding teachers is look at quizzes or sample tests to figure out how they ask questions. Some teachers ask what date something took place while others might ask what took place on that date, by pinpointing what they will ask will let you determine what is important.
  • Last step is not to worry.  The more worried you are means they less prepared you are and you will have the tendency to make small mistakes that will add up. Doing bad on the midterm isn’t the end, most of the time, you still have the later half of the class and the final to catch back up and learn from your mistakes.

How To Be A Successful Student while On Campus

How to Be a Successful Student When on Campus at MiraCosta College

MiraCosta College has and  amazing staff and professor. I have said this in a lot of my posting, the reason is because it is true. MiraCosta go extra miles to help their students succeed. So  what do students do to be success ?!?

Be In Class and On Time:  As a student it is very important for you to be in class and on time. If you come to class late there is a high chance for you not to understand what the teacher will be saying through out that class. Not attending class is even worst. When you don’t attend a class it is difficult for you to understand what subject and that can lead to a bad grade. You don’t want that to happen. But most teachers understand that you can be sick or something. If you miss a class for what ever reason this is you next step…..

Go For An Office hour  If you  miss a class or need extra help on an assignment go to your teacher’s

“Office hour” Every Miracosta student get the opportunity to meet one on one with your professor to ask him/her any question you might have about the class or if you did not understand something. You don’t have to pay for it and this helps all the shy student who can not ask their question in class to ask it during the office hour. This also helps your teacher to know your difficulties and work with you to solve them. I understand that some students can be scared of their teachers, which you don’t have to be but if that is the case for you. I got a solution for you

Go for tutoring: In most counties and even in some schools here in the US, students pay in order to have a tutor help them. (A tutor is someone that helps to explain things that you did not understand in class and can also help with your assignment but they will not do it entirely for you this). MiraCosta College has tutors available for all subjects. Tutors are usually students just like you. The college has both online and in-person tutors. They help you with your questions and assignments. They help you with you assignment or questions. Yes I know I said it two time, because I want to make it clear that they will not do your assignment for you but they will help you with it. On line tutoring is available even at night.

If you go to class on time, do all assignments, go for office hours and go for tutoring you are bound to have an ” A” in that class.



The Finals are coming soon

The Spring semester is soon to be over!

I am exited about it but I still focus for my Finals.

What’s cool is that during the Finals period the MiraCosta Library and the Writing Center has extended hours so I can study longer (and get a good grade).

Here a list of my Finals assignments, so you get an idea of the amount of work. I already started working on them.

An essay to write for my Geology class, an letter to writeto a company for my English class, a last project (a chandelier) for my Art class, an essay and a quiz for my History Class.

Wish me luck!

How to utilize school resources

Hi everyone, today I am going to discover what study or life resources we have on campus is helpful for us and free!!!

When you arrive United States and start your study abroad life in MiraCosta college, you may be surprised how thoughtful our school is and how much free resources or helper is opening their arm to us and waiting for offer help. Let’s take a look together!

  • Cafeteria: I have to say we maybe have the top 3 nice cafeteria in United States, we have different healthy yummy meals everyday and all kinds of bakery, lot of types of drinks. We’ve got sushi too! anyway Cafeteria is one of my favorite place in campus!

  • Library: There are so many books and scholarly resources, most important: super friendly and enthusiastic librarians. Once I was asked from my homework to find some materials that I don’t know much, when I was getting so nervous because I do not know how to find it and the due date is coming soon, I went to library. With librarian’s help, I got what I need within 20 minutes, isn’t it impressive?! Not only books, in the first floor of library we also have writing center and tutor program, which as you can image is really really helpful for our study. In college, almost all of us need to take English for couple of semesters so that in case to make sure we can do good in English, Writing center is absolutely good place to go. They are patient and literal!  So far we have tutors for math, Spanish, Chinese..etc, almost every main majors.

  • Career Center: Strongly recommend!! There is a big possibility you need it. If you are having questions about future career or have not decide what major you are going to do, or you want to find a job inside campus, Career Center is the perfect place to go!

Those are all I can think up now, if you are new student in MiraCosta, utilizing those resources may give you big help!


Library and Information Hub

Good morning future students!! Today I will be writing about building 1200 or in other words Library and Information Hub and services they provide. So, let’s talk about services this building provides on daily base.

The most popular and helpful service you as international student can find in the library is the Writing Center that can help you with papers assigned in your classes.

Another helpful service is Math Learning Center which is helping the students all the time if they struggle with Math of any level.

Some other services that might be helpful for you are:

  • Hundreds of computers in your full usage with any possible application installed on. Printing, photocopying, and scanning equipment (this is important!).
  • Friendly librarians that are more that welcome to help you to find any book, text material, and many other sources of information. This is really helpful at the end of the semester.
  • And last one but not least, library can help you SAVE UP some money on your course’s text materials. For example, if your instructor tells you to get a particular book that cost more than $100 you can check out an instructor’s copy of this book in the library for 2 hours of usage (sometimes even for few days). This time should be enough for you to scan it, do your homework.

So, feel free to ask me about anything in the library as I’m one of the employee of library building.