Time to pick my class!

At the end of each semester, we have to enroll for the next semester and pick our classes.

What classes should I take?

It is not an obligation but it is recommended for every new and continuig student to see a counselor. The counselor will help you plan for your next semesters.

You can take any classes that you want. The best is to take the classes that you NEED to tranfer or graduate and once you know your major and where you want to tranfer, it is so easy!

You pick your classes from Plan A if you are not planning to transfer and only want to graduate from MiraCosta

You pick your classes from Plan B if you want to transfer to a CSU.

You pick your classes from Plan C if you are not sure either you want to transfer to a UC or a CSU.

Now I know what classes to take, how do I enroll?

Use the online SURF catalog here  or the paper catalog that you can find on campus to know when and what time the class is starting and also the name of your teacher.

Step 1. Search your classes by subject, for example: art

Then a list of classes is going show. Here they are all the same, except the day, time and teacher.

For example, I want to choose the first class

Step 2. Click on select.

Then you are enrolled!! Re-do the exact same thing to select your other class and make that there is no time conflict between your classes.

If you don’t want to take the class you enrolled anymore or you want to take a different one, you can drop it.

In SURF, click on My Academics > Drop > Select the class you want to drop > Finish.

If you still need help, the International Office can help you.



I want a Bachelor Degree but what’s that?

Certificate Degree, Associate Degree, Bachelor Degree.. I am pretty sure you’ve already heard about it … but what’s that ?

The U.S education system is way different than the one in our country. Well, I have to admit that when I started to apply at MiraCosta I was still a little bit confused and lost about which degree I should get.
As you might know from my previous post, my major is Graphic Design. MiraCosta College is a Community College and provide the Associate Degree that is necessary for a Bachelor Degree that I can get at a University like San Diego State University.

So I will go 2 years at MiraCosta (it can take longer, but it’s not a problem) + 2 years at a University to get a Bachelor Degree. It is also called Transfer to a 4-Years Institution.

The cool thing with going to Community College instead of going four years of university is that you save 2 years of university tuition as Universities are way more expensive.

Still confused? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

Take a look at the image I’ve made.


How do I choose my major?

Hello everyone!

When I decided I wanted to study at MiraCosta, I knew I would be studying Graphic Design.  Since I was little, I always liked to draw, to go museums and art shows. Then one day I started drawing on my computer with Photoshop and it became a passion! I decided I wanted it to be my dream job.

To start applying college and  be a student in the U.S you have to choose a major.

What is a major?

A major is a discipline that you study as a focus area.  It becomes the name on your college degree.  The United States has a lot of different majors!  You can have a major like Chemistry, Computer Science, Math, Dance, Business, History, Art, or Recording Arts.  Check HERE all the major available at MiraCosta.

How do I choose my major?

Choose a discipline that you like, something that you are interested in. It could be a passion, a a topic related to a dream job.

If you are not sure of your major, no panic! You can change your major at anytime!  At MiraCosta, you can meet with professional career counselors and academic counselors to help you choose your major.   The Career Center as many resources to explore the perfect major for you.  


What should we do when we haven’t decided our major

At my first semester, I had problem with choosing major. I want to major in something that will get me a nice job, is interesting to study, and enjoyable to work in, but I don’t know what that is for me. As an international student, I have more clear study goals and time limit compare with local students, so me and my parents were worrying about my major “issue” in last past few months. Fortunately I have an goal now with Career Center and school website’s help.

When you feel lost on the way of deciding major, please feel free use resources in our school, that is their job and they are waiting for help us  anytime! If you do not know what kinds of job you can get after graduate and got the degree from the major you are interested in, you can go to career center make an appointment with specialists their and they’ll help your explore jobs. If you are really into something and want to major in it, but you do not know what major we have relatives with it, you could also go to our school website’s certificates page to find out what majors we have in MiraCosta.


Another student’s perspective

Hi everyone, I’ve been sharing my experiences with you for a while, and before I pass the blogging task to someone else – yes, I’m graduating this semester and I will no longer blog =/ – I would like to share someone else’s perspectives about MiraCosta and life in the U.S.

I reached out to Jessica, a Canadian student here at MiraCosta to tell us a little bit about her experiences. Here’s what we talked about.

Why did you choose to come to the U.S.?

I am from Canada and I chose to come to the US for two reasons; but they all started with my love of California. The first reason was that there would be no snow during the winter months if I were to study in California, and the second reason was that it would help with my major. My major is in Television Production and I wanted to go where the industry was!

Why did you choose MiraCosta College?

Because of the ease of their website and friendly looking environment in the pictures. I noticed that MiraCosta was a more affordable option for international students compared to other schools and the pictures on their website looked beautiful and very inviting. I had also emailed with the international office before deciding if studying here was really something I wanted to do, and they were very helpful with all of my questions I asked. I asked a lot of questions!

How long have you been in the U.S.?

I have been in the U.S. for two years now and it has gone by very fast!

What do you miss the most about your home country?

I miss certain foods the most. While Canada has many of the same foods that the U.S. does, I was surprised to learn that many food items were not available here.

How do you stay in touch with your family and friends in your home country?

Skype is a wonderful thing! I’ve been able to talk to my parents and siblings every day since I’ve been here all because of a skype account. For other family members and friends I’ve been able to keep in contact with them through Facebook and other forms of social media. 

What do you like the most about studying in the U.S.?

I love the diversity and the different people that I’ve met. I have been able to meet people who have similar beliefs and values as me, and I have been able to meet people with completely different views on the world. It makes what you are learning and what you are doing so much more interesting when you are introduced to other perspectives.

What are your future education and career goals? 

Well, this Fall 2015 I will be transferring to California State University Northridge to complete my BA in Television production, so my goal right now is to graduate! After I graduate from there I hope to have a career as a film and television editor and maybe make movie trailers.  

Outside your school experience, tell me about your life in California?  What do you like to do?  How do you spend your time outside of studying? 

Life in California has been amazing! I have enjoyed not dealing with the snow for 7 months out of the year like I would normally deal with in Canada. When I’m not studying I like to go to the movies with friends, or I’ll just go to the beach and sit on the sand staring at the ocean. I’m also a big reader, so chances are if I’m not studying I’ll usually just be sitting outside reading a book!

How has your experience in the U.S. helped you learn more about yourself? Can you provide an example?

This experience has made me learn a lot about myself. I have learned that I can actually do things on my own and that I am capable of being independent. I have also learned to really enjoy going places by myself. When I first moved here it took me a while to make friends so I would go out and explore different places by myself. I also don’t drive and don’t have a car so taking the bus to these new places was something I had to learn how to become comfortable with.

Jessica was really kind to let me publish her interview. Shout out to her for that!

I still have one more post before I say goodbye, and for that I will let you guys into the world of OPT! Stay tuned!



How does American Higher Education works?

American higher education (bachelor’s degree, Master’s, and Ph.D.) works in a very different way than in Brazil. Here in the United States everyone has to take some general education classes, elective classes, and major classes. “What are they”?, you ask me.

MiraCosta College is a Community College, the first step to your Undergraduate Education. Here you take your general education, elective, and probably a few of your major classes. Once all of that is complete, you receive your Associate Degree. It’s important to keep in mind that the classes you take at a Community College are exactly the same you’d take at a 4-year University. “So why go to a Community College then?”, you ask, and I tell you why: 4-year Universities don’t offer Associate Degrees, and are more expensive than a Community College.

After you finish Community College, you take your second step and transfer to a 4-year University. At those universities you will only be taking your major classes. After 2 more years, you’ll get your Bachelor’s Degree.

Once you receive your Bachelor’s Degree, you’ve completed your Undergraduate Education. If you want to specialize even more, you’d go for your Graduate Education, meaning your Master’s and Ph.D. As you can see based on what I told you in previous paragraphs, MiraCosta College doesn’t offer any kind of Graduate Education.

Going to school and getting a degree is a very important decision, so make sure you study all your options before making your final decision to choose which school is the best for you.


Study at MiraCosta College!

Não importa se você quer apenas estudar inglês ou se você quer um diploma universitário: MiraCosta te oferece as duas opções!

MiraCosta é uma faculdade comunitária pública, reconhecida, e localizada em Oceanside, CA! Isso mesmo, Califórnia! MiraCosta fica ao norte de San Diego, perto da praia (pode-se ver o mar pela janela do refeitório) e segura: temos polícia no campus (oh yeah!). MiraCosta oferece diplomas de dois anos e certificados: é possível ficar por um semestre, concluir uma formatura de dois anos ou transferir para uma instituição com curso de quatro anos.

MiraCosta oferece um ótimo apoio aos estudantes com grêmios estudantis, tutores em inglês, matemática, química e outras disciplinas, uma biblioteca com vários computadores disponíveis aos estudantes e com acesso remoto aos artigos e livros virtuais, etc.

As opções de estudo oferecidas pela MiraCosta são:

  • Estude Inglês:
    • Inglês intermediário ou superior; 
    • Não é necessário TOEFL; Aulas de 8 semanas, 20 horas semanais; 
    • Datas de início: Janeiro, março, junho, agosto e outubro. 
  • Estude Inglês e assista a aulas universitárias.
    • Conclua as aulas da universidade; 
    • Curse um semestre ou complete a graduação; 
    • As aulas têm início em janeiro e agosto; 
    • Você pode obter um diploma de dois anos, certificados ou transferência universitária. 

Alguns dos vários cursos oferecidos na MiraCosta são:

  • Administração de Empresas;
  • Marketing;
  • Design Gráfico/Multimídia;
  • Economia; 
  • Psicologia; 
  • Hotelaria/Viagens e Turismo/Gerenciamento de Restaurante; 
  • Música e Arte de Gravação/Produção de Áudio; 
  • Comunicações;
  • Contabilidade; 
  • Artes Plásticas; 
  • Biologia e Biotecnologia.

E para completar, MiraCosta College oferece um maravilhoso suporte aos estudantes internacionais:

  • Aconselhamento e apoio para obtenção do visto;
  • Ajuda para encontrar moradia próxima à faculdade; 
  • Aconselhamento acadêmico para que você atinja suas metas; 
  • A equipe em tempo integral para estudantes estrangeiros ajudará você antes da chegada, durante os estudos e após a conclusão do programa.

Não perca tempo! Faça como eu! Venha para MiraCosta e disfrute de um ótimo ensino com professores capacitados, e em uma escola onde você é importante!