What does a student worker at MiraCosta College look like?

As an international student at MiraCosta College, you can work up to 19.5 hours/week. First of all, you have to be a full time student taking at least 12 units in the semester. Thus, even if you work at multiple departments, the total hours you can work in a week have to add up to no more than 19.5 hours. Besides submission of application in the departments and the hire package in Career Center, approval from International Office is required. I want to introduce my job as a Blogger/Student Outreach so that everyone who reads this blog would have an idea what it looks like to be a student worker at MiraCosta College.

Amandine From France (left) and Nhi from Vietnam work as Student Outreach
  • Duties: Publish at least two blogs in a month
  • Hours/week: At least one hour in international office to blog, sometimes more for additional event, which is pretty flexible
  • Additional activities:
    • Conduct interviews prior to the Coffee Chat Series
    • Help on some international events related to MiraCosta College and its English Language Institute
  • Experiences gained:
    • Being more active on campus
    • Increase writing skills
    • Being more creative
    • Have chance to work with MiraCosta leaders, such as faculty and staff
    • Know more people and gain relationships
    • Gain information

Following are the interviews conducted for the Coffee Chat Series:


For more information of working on campus, check out Mari’s blog


What students pay for housing – By Lee

When deciding upon coming to Miracosta College (or anywhere else for that matter), a question to ask is how much can you expect to pay while living here in Southern California. Well, I have made it really easy for you, by interviewing several different students about how much they pay rent, what kind of accomodations they live in, and what features they get with their rent. They have all opted to stay anonymous, but they are all current Fall 2017 students.

Student #1:

I pay $400 for rent for my own room (master) in Hidden Cove Apartments, in Escondido, CA. I split it evenly with 5 other people. I also share my bathroom with someone else. With $400 I get gated community, a parking space, heated pool, maintenance, and in-apartment gym.


Student #2:

I pay $200, but I live with family in a house, in Vista, CA So I share with everyone, and get all other housing expenses for free.

Student #3:

I pay $400 for a couch in an apartent in Shadowridge Summerwind Apartments in Vista, CA. I share the apartment with one other person. I get everything included with my rent.


Student #4:

I currently live with my parents, because even though I tried to live on my own, it was just too expensive. I had paid $700 in rent, split it with one other person, in downtown San Diego. Add to that the expenses of food, gas, utilites, and other stuff, it was just too expensive.  Sidenote: San Diego is expensive so be aware of the amount needed to stay here, even it’s just for 6 months.


Student #5:

I pay $250, but I live with my mom to help out. I live in a house here in Oceanside, with my own bathroom. The only thing I do not get with the rent is laundry expenses.

Student #6

I pay $700 to live with a host family which includes food and utilities. I found the family when a friend moved out and I went to visit the house.  When I first arrived to MiraCosta I stayed with a host family.  I didn’t like sharing a bathroom, but the family was very nice and took me to many places in San Diego.  I think it is good to start with a host family because you will learn more about the local area faster.

To find a host family you can apply with Homestay Services International.

As you can see, there is a wide range of prices, but the average is $600 in the Northern San Diego county area (Oceanside, Vista, San Marcos, Escondido, Carlsbad, Encinitas) to share a room and apartment. So, with all that being said, this is why it is necessary for you to put aside so much money before coming here, because it is really expensive. BUT, it is worth it once you do arrive. There is a reason why it’s expensive here, especially in Southern California, and it’s because everyone in the nation and the world wants to live here (Hint: it’s got something to do with Hollywood — and the great weather).

An international student can get scholarships while attending MiraCosta College

Scholarship Celebration_2016_ - 16.jpg
A student getting scholarship award at MiraCosta College in 2016

As an international student, I initially thought that I would not be able to get a scholarship, because scholarships and financial aid seemed more available for the U.S residents and citizens. However, I did it!  I won a $1000 MiraCosta College scholarship in May 2017!!   I learned a lot from this experience, such that I have to read a lot to  find the available scholarships which I am eligible to apply.

MiraCosta scholarships are available to students who complete one semester and are continuing for another semester. I had to write an essay as a personal statement in which I described myself as how I deserved that scholarship. Basically, I answered two questions:

  • “What makes you different from the other candidates?”
  • “What makes you deserve this scholarship?”
Nhi Tran, from Vietnam, won $1000 Miracosta College Scholarship

Applying was easy. On the MiraCosta Scholarship webpage, I typed my student ID and SURF password.  I completed personal information, then uploaded a personal statement and my MiraCosta transcript.  The most important requirement was that I had to submit my transcript from the previous semester and showed them my future enrolled classes.  That means I needed to have at least one full semester at MiraCosta getting a certain minimum GPA (vary depending on each scholarship), and I will be enrolling for the next semester, because a lot of scholarship at MiraCosta are not transferable.



Scholarship Celebration_2016_ - 3.jpg
Scholarship Celebration at MiraCosta in 2016

There have been a lot of students winning the scholarships at MiraCosta College, and there are a lot of types of scholarships with different amount awarded. Gie, an international student from Malaysia, got 2017 annual scholarship which was $500 award. “I felt happy. The scholarship made my day,” said Gie

Gie Song Tan, from Malaysia, got 2017 annual scholarshipa at Miracosta College

Gie also shared some tips to the future candidates at MiraCosta that, “All you have to do is to get a good grade, put some effort writing, share your story and experience, you can seek help from Writing Center or even Scholarship office.” In personal statement, he wrote about the difficulties that he has experienced in the United States, his educational as well as career goals, and how the scholarship would help him. All of that helped him win the scholarship. MiraCosta has great financial resources available for students who attend this College. So why not apply when you need financial support? First, finish your first semester at MiraCosta College with a good GPA. Second, look for the scholarships that you are eligible to apply. Then go for it!

For more information on scholarships, check out Augustina’s blog.

Use Counseling Service in International Office!

This fall semester will end on December 16.   It means that we need to choose the classes for next semester.  Did you know that in the U.S. each student has to choose their own classes??  Yes, that is right.  Each student a different schedule.  It is fun to choose classes because I can think about what I like to do. But I have to complete all the requirements or I will waste my time and money.  To prevent to choose wrong classes, what do we international students have to do?

In International Office in MiraCosta college, there are two academic counselors.  We can use this counseling service for free.

First counselor is Ms. Khrystyn Pamintuan.

She has her own experience which attended a community college and transferred to an university. Because she also think about her future at that time, she knows a lot of things about transferring!




Second counselor is Mr. Jose Orrantia. He is not only an international office counselor but also have been working as a transfer center’s counselor for many years. So he is a specialist about university transferring!

Because a lot of international students count on them, I recommend you to book as soon as possible.  To achieve your goal smoothly, use this great service!






Hello everyone! How’s everyone doing? It has been very cold these days in Oceanside, so you need some warm jackets if you possibly come to MCC this winter. Oh, and also! You definitely need information about transportation when you visit here, don’t you? So, my today’s topic is transportation; yet, Sam already explained about transportation from LAX to Oceanside, so if you travel through the route, let’s visit his page! Well, then, I am going to introduce local transportation.

These are ones you will possibly use:


Breeze Bus  Is the bus system that travels in North County in the cities of Oceanside, Carlsbad, Vista, Encinitas, Cardiff, San Marcos, Escondido.  

*Fee: One-way $1.75 / One day pass $5.00

*Monthly pass available for $44 per month for MiraCosta students.  Also valid on Sprinter!

Greyhound Travels around the United States

      *The ticket price varies depends on the distance.

*You can buy tickets both at the station and online.


Sprinter Train that travels East-and-West from Oceanside to Escondido, California

*Fee: One-way $2.00 / One day pass $5.00

*Monthly pass available for $44 per month for MiraCosta students

Coaster Train that travels North-and-South from Oceanside to San Diego, California

*It runs from San Diego to Oceanside.

*The ticket price varies depends on the distance.

Amtrak Train that travels around the United States.  Great way to travel from Oceanside to Disneyland, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and San Francisco

*It runs across the whole land of the USA.

*The ticket price varies depends on the distance.

*You can buy tickets both at the station and online.



*It’s kind of a private taxi.

*You need to download the app and sign in to use it.


You can click each item and go to their web pages for more details.

Hope these information will help your trip. Thank you for reading! See you next time!


Why MiraCosta College? $$$$$$

        In this particular blog you have to do a little bit of Math.

This is a very simple way to understand why colleges exist in the first place and why you might want to consider going to a college like MiraCosta instead of going to a four year university.

In order to get a Bachelor degree in the united state, it might take you about 4 years or more. Now let us talk about the $$$$$$.

  • The average cost of a university for one year, for an international student is about $35,000 tuition and fees only.   For the first two years you will spend about $35000 X 2=$70,000, which is a lot of money.
  • The cost of attending a community college like MiraCosta for an international student is $6800 (tuition and fees only) for one year.  You can spend the first 2 years in college which will cost you about $6800 X 2= $13,600.

Now this is where the magic of college comes in.

When you obtain this transfer degree, you can now go to a university and get in to your 3 year. When you transfer you complete 2 more years and end up with a bachelor degree.  Take note that, college does not make it slower or faster to obtain a bachelor degree, it simply gives you an opportunity to get a higher and quality education at a cheaper prices.

      One of the biggest advantage of going to college is that you are going to save about $56,400

($70,000 – $13,600) just by going to MiraCosta College. Come to MiraCosta College and save some money$$$$$. We are also one of the best and most fun college to attain in California.


     Hope you found this blog interesting!!! Come to MiraCosta College and get you college degree at an affordable price.


The answer to the Question about scholarship, from a student perspective

Scholarship Scholarship Scholarship!!!!!!!!

I know almost every one wants to know if the can have a scholarship from MiraCosta college or any other college. Before they even attend it. Well I also went through that. First of all I can only speak for MiraCosta because that is the only college I have attended here is the US and I am not willing to change that for nothing.

I know a lot of international students love asking about scholarships, I am a student, scholarship was also one of my first question. I will answer you very sincerely and from my experience. You need to attend at least one semester at MiraCosta college before you can be eligible for any form of scholarship offered by the school. That dose snot mean that after you first semester you will automatically have a scholarship, No No No!!!!

  1. You are not eligible for a MiraCosta scholarship if you are not a student. So my best advice to you is to first of all apply and get admission then………
  2. You need to take a least one semester of full time classes and have good result before you start talking about………scholarships
  3. If you are a MiraCosta student  and you have good grades, then you can apply for a scholarship. Wait wait wait don’t be too excite sorry but I need to tell you the truth, applying for a scholarship does not mean that you are automatically going to receive it.
  4. But being a student at Miracosta with good grades makes you eligiable for some types of scholarships.

Rihanna performing at the Coachella Festival in California in April 2016.

Rihanna recently announced the launched of a scholarship program on Instagram. that is aimed helping eligible  international students. with an amount between US $5000-$50000


In the US it is call free money, but first like most scholarships you need to be a student. So if you are not yet a student go to miracosta.edu and apply. If you are already a student don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity.