Go to Climbing Gym in Oceanside!


This week is a very important Midterm week, so every students are studying so hard!

After Midterm exam, I recommend to go to a fun place, Vital Climbing Gym Oceanside!

This is my one of the most favorite place.

Lets go there and relieve all of your frustration from the exams!

This is my climbing video.

This course is a kind of hard, but there are many kinds of level, so don’t worry about that! Everyone can climb^^

I am a gym member, so I can climb 24 hours and the cost is just only $55/month!

If you want to try just only one day, it is $15/day and the time is 11am-9pm.

Also, if you go to there Friday 5-9pm with your student ID, you can get discount and the cost become just only $10/day!

I hope every MiraCosta students enjoy Oceanside life!



BBQ Party with Palomar College

Good morning!

Today, I am going to write about the International BBQ party with Palomar College students^^

The party was at Oceanside Pier on September 9 to start the new school year.  Palomar College is located 20 minutes away from Mira Costa College.  They have a lot of international students also, so we sometimes do events together.

The day was good weather and the ocean was so beautiful.

They really enjoyed the party!

They were dancing, singing, and some students were swmming. But they looked so cold. lol

Here is the picture of them.

Many students bring some foods and drinks. Also both colleges’ international club provide some.  That was so tasty^^








Many students joined to play volleyball include both Palomar and MiraCosta. We could make a lot of new international friends.

That was really fun and good event!



Sunset Market with Fuji city

Hello everyone!

As I mentioned before, Fuji City is one of sister cities of Oceanside.  In the beginning of September, they went here again to join the Oceanside Sunset Market.  I worked as a volunteer with them.

(The article of their first visit is here)

Sunset market is located in downtown Oceanside and opened every Thursday evening.  It is really good event.  There are a lot of kinds of street stalls such as food and clothes.  In that time, they joined it for handing out Japanese green tea and some special products of Fuji city for free.

Because this year is 25th anniversary of friendship of Oceanside and Fuji City.

Fuji city booth

This is Fuji city booth.Fuji city has a lot of trees because it is located the foot of Mt. Fuji.

So they are known as making paper^^


Some Japanese Mira Costa students helped them as volunteers. They costumed 茶娘(Cha-musume) which is a girl who work in a tea plantation.

Almost all Japanese people love green tea.

But it has a unique taste.

So American people drank it with great interest.



Fuji City – Our Sister City

Fuji City from Japan is one of sister cities of Oceanside.  In August, people from Fuji city came to Oceanside in two times!  I worked as a volunteer and help their activities.

First visit was the beginning of August. Junior high school and high school students came and see the City of Oceanside.

They joined ‘College for Kids’ which is trial classes program by Mira Costa College for 6-17 years old. There were art, cooking, and science class. It was so hard for them to communicate to American students, but finally, they got a lot of American friends!


They also joined Mira Costa ELI (English Language Institute) class.

The teacher did really fun lecture, so they enjoyed a lot!

They took a picture with Oceanside mayor

Fuji city students met Oceanside mayor!

He guided them in his office.

He was really sweet, friendly, and kindly person^^