My Housing History by Yu

  home-buyerWhen I first arrived to California I was living in San Diego in the Mira Mesa area with a host family. They were really nice and kind. There were 7 people in the house, it was cheerful. I paid 500$ for the rent, and 200$ for the deposit. It is really good price to live in San Diego.

The things I like are 

  • Host mom cooks everyday and the dish is really tasty.
  • The bus stop is near the house, it takes me 7 minutes to reach the buss stop.
  • Convenient access to grocery shopping and star backs.
  • Rent is really good price.
  • Host family are kind

The things I dislike is 

  • It takes me 2 hour and half to go to school by bus.

My second place Cameo Drive, Oceanside

After I decided to move out, I moved near to MiraCosta College. It is a house, and the owner lets student rent a room. They were 4 student in the house including me. Everyone pay different rent due to the room condition and size. The rent was 650$, and deposit was 700$

The things I like are

  • The house is near the school, it is really convenient to go school, it takes 15 minutes to get school on foot.
  • Roommate were nice. She drove me to buy grocery shopping.

The things I dislike are :

  • The landlord was really strict about rules, which are included house cleaning, regulated cooking method.
  • Landlord comes back once a while to inspect the house. When they comeback, they live in the living room which is annoying. Because they go bet early in the living room, which make student awkward to go get stuff from refrigerator because students have to pass by living room.
  • There is a hill on the way to school, it is tired to climb the hill.
  • Inconvenient to go shopping.

My current place  Rawhide Way, Oceanside

I am living again with a host family. They are elderly couple. It is really beautiful and big house. It takes me 1 hour to get school if I take the bus, but since I got my car, I drive 10 mines to go school. I pay 600$ for rent and 200$ for deposit.

The things I like are

  • I have own bathroom and big bed.
  • Elder couple are really nice
  • I can borrow the swimming pool key and enjoying swimming and Jacuzzi.
  • It is a community and has gate, which is safer.

IMG_8109They are many benefit if you move to new places, but it also takes many process and time to do. I did not like my second house landlord, but I think it was a good experience to spend time at the house. If you are the first semester new student I would recommend to find the place near school. Once you got used to it, you would have more option to decide later on.



Location of MiraCosta by Alex

The location of MiraCosta is very important to the students attending, while some might live close to the college, others live farther away and need transportation.Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 4.24.04 PM

MiraCosta is located close to a train station and accessible by bus which allows for students from a farther distance to get to school. For students traveling by car the campus is located near highway 78 that travels east/west and highway I-5.  MiraCosta College sits right on top of an elevated region in Oceanside, California fairly close to the borders of neighboring cities Vista and Carlsbad.

Bus stop2.jpg

Located on a hill means on most days you can see the ocean from campus from the cafeteria or art building for example. Also because of being close to the Pacific Ocean and in southern California the weather remains consistent, never having any major weather changes or issues.  Its mostly sunny even in the winter and we even have rain during the summer. Basically the location of MiraCosta lets many students meet and have a good time during all seasons.

Cafeteria Landscape



What students pay for housing – By Lee

When deciding upon coming to Miracosta College (or anywhere else for that matter), a question to ask is how much can you expect to pay while living here in Southern California. Well, I have made it really easy for you, by interviewing several different students about how much they pay rent, what kind of accomodations they live in, and what features they get with their rent. They have all opted to stay anonymous, but they are all current Fall 2017 students.

Student #1:

I pay $400 for rent for my own room (master) in Hidden Cove Apartments, in Escondido, CA. I split it evenly with 5 other people. I also share my bathroom with someone else. With $400 I get gated community, a parking space, heated pool, maintenance, and in-apartment gym.

Student #2:

I pay $200, but I live with family in a house, in Vista, CA So I share with everyone, and get all other housing expenses for free.

Student #3:

I pay $400 for a couch in an apartent in Shadowridge Summerwind Apartments in Vista, CA. I share the apartment with one other person. I get everything included with my rent.

Student #4:

I currently live with my parents, because even though I tried to live on my own, it was just too expensive. I had paid $700 in rent, split it with one other person, in downtown San Diego. Add to that the expenses of food, gas, utilites, and other stuff, it was just too expensive.  Sidenote: San Diego is expensive so be aware of the amount needed to stay here, even it’s just for 6 months.

Student #5:

I pay $250, but I live with my mom to help out. I live in a house here in Oceanside, with my own bathroom. The only thing I do not get with the rent is laundry expenses.

Student #6

I pay $700 to live with a host family which includes food and utilities. I found the family when a friend moved out and I went to visit the house.  When I first arrived to MiraCosta I stayed with a host family.  I didn’t like sharing a bathroom, but the family was very nice and took me to many places in San Diego.  I think it is good to start with a host family because you will learn more about the local area faster.

To find a host family you can apply with Homestay Services International.

As you can see, there is a wide range of prices, but the average is $600 in the Northern San Diego county area (Oceanside, Vista, San Marcos, Escondido, Carlsbad, Encinitas) to share a room and apartment. So, with all that being said, this is why it is necessary for you to put aside so much money before coming here, because it is really expensive. BUT, it is worth it once you do arrive. There is a reason why it’s expensive here, especially in Southern California, and it’s because everyone in the nation and the world wants to live here (Hint: it’s got something to do with Hollywood — and the great weather).

Go to Climbing Gym in Oceanside!


This week is a very important Midterm week, so every students are studying so hard!

After Midterm exam, I recommend to go to a fun place, Vital Climbing Gym Oceanside!

This is my one of the most favorite place.

Lets go there and relieve all of your frustration from the exams!

This is my climbing video.

This course is a kind of hard, but there are many kinds of level, so don’t worry about that! Everyone can climb^^

I am a gym member, so I can climb 24 hours and the cost is just only $55/month!

If you want to try just only one day, it is $15/day and the time is 11am-9pm.

Also, if you go to there Friday 5-9pm with your student ID, you can get discount and the cost become just only $10/day!

I hope every MiraCosta students enjoy Oceanside life!



BBQ Party with Palomar College

Good morning!

Today, I am going to write about the International BBQ party with Palomar College students^^

The party was at Oceanside Pier on September 9 to start the new school year.  Palomar College is located 20 minutes away from Mira Costa College.  They have a lot of international students also, so we sometimes do events together.

The day was good weather and the ocean was so beautiful.

They really enjoyed the party!

They were dancing, singing, and some students were swmming. But they looked so cold. lol

Here is the picture of them.

Many students bring some foods and drinks. Also both colleges’ international club provide some.  That was so tasty^^








Many students joined to play volleyball include both Palomar and MiraCosta. We could make a lot of new international friends.

That was really fun and good event!



Sunset Market with Fuji city

Hello everyone!

As I mentioned before, Fuji City is one of sister cities of Oceanside.  In the beginning of September, they went here again to join the Oceanside Sunset Market.  I worked as a volunteer with them.

(The article of their first visit is here)

Sunset market is located in downtown Oceanside and opened every Thursday evening.  It is really good event.  There are a lot of kinds of street stalls such as food and clothes.  In that time, they joined it for handing out Japanese green tea and some special products of Fuji city for free.

Because this year is 25th anniversary of friendship of Oceanside and Fuji City.

Fuji city booth

This is Fuji city booth.Fuji city has a lot of trees because it is located the foot of Mt. Fuji.

So they are known as making paper^^


Some Japanese Mira Costa students helped them as volunteers. They costumed 茶娘(Cha-musume) which is a girl who work in a tea plantation.

Almost all Japanese people love green tea.

But it has a unique taste.

So American people drank it with great interest.



Fuji City – Our Sister City

Fuji City from Japan is one of sister cities of Oceanside.  In August, people from Fuji city came to Oceanside in two times!  I worked as a volunteer and help their activities.

First visit was the beginning of August. Junior high school and high school students came and see the City of Oceanside.

They joined ‘College for Kids’ which is trial classes program by Mira Costa College for 6-17 years old. There were art, cooking, and science class. It was so hard for them to communicate to American students, but finally, they got a lot of American friends!


They also joined Mira Costa ELI (English Language Institute) class.

The teacher did really fun lecture, so they enjoyed a lot!

They took a picture with Oceanside mayor

Fuji city students met Oceanside mayor!

He guided them in his office.

He was really sweet, friendly, and kindly person^^