Here is one of my favorite professor

:John Turbeville 

(This dog raised in classroom for 2 years! He is a service dog)

  • He has a Professor of Geology and Oceanography at MiraCosta College for the past 19 years, and taught honors courses for 16 years.  
  • His undergraduate was completed at SDSU and graduate work at the University of New Orleans.
(We will spend times to do lab research will cool equipment) 
  • Before coming to the college: He worked for 14 years as a Petroleum Geologist/Geophysicist in the Rocky Mountains and the Gulf Coast regions, and overseas in Africa, Indonesia, and Europe; 3 years as a Hydrogeologist in San Diego County; and he am a Registered (Professional) Geologist in the State of California.  
  • He likes to have fun teaching and he really enjoys interacting with students. Basically he see his role as sort of a guide, both throughout the coursework and input for your future career endeavors.
  • He is interested in lots of different things. He used to raise and train service dogs, Nigel is the one shown. He like to sure, do BJJ, generally annoy my kids (15 and 17), and play music. 

(We learned how to catch a perfect wave and surf on there)

  • During class, it’s so much fun to learn everything about our mother earth OCEAN . It’s definitely not a boring class for seriously academic study; instead, we had so much fun during class for communicate with each other student through group discussion.  

Explore English Language Institute

     The English Language Institute (ELI) offers international students the opportunity to increase their English language proficiency and develop the skills needed for success in a college or university in the United States. The program is designed for students with a minimum of one year English language training at high school or college level. This class may not be appropriate for advanced ESL students or students with a TOEFL score greater than 500 paper-based or 46 IBT. Students must be at least 18 years old or meet our minor policy requirements.

     When I arrived to MiraCosta College, I studied at ELI for one semester. They offered great basic language instruction for helping you increase English skills, such as speaking, listening, reading and writing. All the instructors are extremely friendly and helpful.

     Monday to Friday, we usually have 4 hours class, 12pm-4pm. Each Friday, ELI program offers a fun activity to explore around Oceanside. For example, we had paint ball shooting game, beach event, boomers lazar tag, eating out, etc.  The class in here are never be boring as well. They always care about your interest first and add academic content later in this class later. You will have fun and learn knowledge at the same time.