An international student can get scholarships while attending MiraCosta College

Scholarship Celebration_2016_ - 16.jpg
A student getting scholarship award at MiraCosta College in 2016

As an international student, I initially thought that I would not be able to get a scholarship, because scholarships and financial aid seemed more available for the U.S residents and citizens. However, I did it!  I won a $1000 MiraCosta College scholarship in May 2017!!   I learned a lot from this experience, such that I have to read a lot to  find the available scholarships which I am eligible to apply.

MiraCosta scholarships are available to students who complete one semester and are continuing for another semester. I had to write an essay as a personal statement in which I described myself as how I deserved that scholarship. Basically, I answered two questions:

  • “What makes you different from the other candidates?”
  • “What makes you deserve this scholarship?”
Nhi Tran, from Vietnam, won $1000 Miracosta College Scholarship

Applying was easy. On the MiraCosta Scholarship webpage, I typed my student ID and SURF password.  I completed personal information, then uploaded a personal statement and my MiraCosta transcript.  The most important requirement was that I had to submit my transcript from the previous semester and showed them my future enrolled classes.  That means I needed to have at least one full semester at MiraCosta getting a certain minimum GPA (vary depending on each scholarship), and I will be enrolling for the next semester, because a lot of scholarship at MiraCosta are not transferable.



Scholarship Celebration_2016_ - 3.jpg
Scholarship Celebration at MiraCosta in 2016

There have been a lot of students winning the scholarships at MiraCosta College, and there are a lot of types of scholarships with different amount awarded. Gie, an international student from Malaysia, got 2017 annual scholarship which was $500 award. “I felt happy. The scholarship made my day,” said Gie

Gie Song Tan, from Malaysia, got 2017 annual scholarshipa at Miracosta College

Gie also shared some tips to the future candidates at MiraCosta that, “All you have to do is to get a good grade, put some effort writing, share your story and experience, you can seek help from Writing Center or even Scholarship office.” In personal statement, he wrote about the difficulties that he has experienced in the United States, his educational as well as career goals, and how the scholarship would help him. All of that helped him win the scholarship. MiraCosta has great financial resources available for students who attend this College. So why not apply when you need financial support? First, finish your first semester at MiraCosta College with a good GPA. Second, look for the scholarships that you are eligible to apply. Then go for it!

For more information on scholarships, check out Augustina’s blog.


My Class of This Spring Semester (Continue) – by Miku

In my previous blog, I talked about my current classes.

Today, I will show you the style of some of these classes. Because before I take classes, I research about professors a lot using Rate My Professor, all of our professors are really nice. I strongly recommend to use this site!

Economic 101 (Professor Frederica Carr)

  1. 10 REQUIRED ASSIGNMENTS…For each class topic, we have to complete one assignment. Because this is more difficult than exams, you will spend much time to complete. You have to answer some questions and problems. However, if you understand all the questions, I bet you will get good grade on your tests. (50 points)
  2. 10 OPTIONAL ASSIGNMENT…There are a total of 10 Optional Assignments (worth 5 points each) and 15 online quizzes. This totals 25 assignments.  I can choose to complete 10 of them, whatever ones I want. (50 points)
  3. GROUP PROJECT…There are many kinds of topics related to economic. You need to choose one topic with your group members. You have to complete a four-part paper and do a presentation in the class. Paper is worth 80 points and the presentation is worth 20 points. (100 points)
  4. 6 TESTS…We have six in-class tests. The questions are many types; multiple choice, problems, making a graph, and essays. As I mentioned above, if you understand you assignments, you will get good grade on the tests. Also, only the best four tests will be counted towards your grade. Each tests are worth 50 points. (200 points)
  5. FINAL EXAM…There are two separate parts. The first part will be comprehensive and will only count for 6 points. The second part will be similar to 6 tests. This part of the final exam will be semi comprehensive. The second part of the final exam counts for 94 points. (100 points)
  6. EXTRA CREDIT…There are some extra credit opportunities. To get these, the important thing is attending class.

Business 140  (Professor Lou Milstein)

  1. ESSAYS…Each essays are worth 50 points. We have nine choices of topics. You can choose your topic. It is required to research the topic and cite three resources and go to writing center. If you meet these condition, you might get full points. Professor does not accept any late submission. (150 points)
  2. EXAMS…We have four exams and each worth 100 points. One week before the tests, the professor gives us a study guide. If you study the study guide hard, you will get a good grade. All questions are essay style. It includes definition of the words, examples, and so on. We do not have final exam. Instead of that, if you miss one of the exams or you want to retake one exams, you can take these on the final week. (400 points)

International Office Staff

The International Office at MiraCosta College has three great staff to help international students.

Today, I will introduce them.

Sayaka Neal (Secretary)

She is from Japan. She has a master degree from San Diego States University as applied linguistics major.  She has been working as this position in MiraCosta international office since 2003. Also, she is an advisor of the Japanese club.

A lot of students, not only Japanese but also many international students count on her. She always helps us kindly even if it is not about study. Now, she is taking a Spanish class, so we can expect that she will help Spanish speaking students more than now.


Aubrey Kuan Roderick (Student Services Coordinator)

She is from China. She has a master degree from Monterey Institute of International Studies. She is a student services coordinator of the international office, and also she works as a Chinese class professor. Her class is really fun and easy to understand!

There are many Chinese students in MiraCosta, they often come to her office and talk about all of their concern. She is always kindly and friendly for us.


Mia Scavone (Coordinator) 

She is from the United States. She is a coordinator of the international office. She has a master degree from University of Michigan. She goes to many countries to recruit new international students. And also, if you are interested in applying MiraCosta and send email, she will receive it. So, every new students will contact to her and she will correspond kindly and friendly. Because she is an only native English speaker, all of international students count on her.


My Classes of This Spring Semester – by Miku


Today, I will introduce about my current classes.
This is my class schedule.
This is my last semester in Mira Costa college. In this semester, I am taking 5 classes which worth 17 units, so I am really busy. Every week, I have some tests and presentations. But I like studying, so I am enjoying my busy life.


Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 9.11.23 AM

Economic 101  Professor Frederica Carr. This class is about Principle of Economic; Macro. It is one of the general education options, and required for most business majors. The teacher is really good, her teaching is easy to understand. Also, in that class, even though we do 6 tests, but we can drop 2 lowest score’s tests. Also, she gives me to attendance points, so if we do not absent, we can get really good grade.

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 9.29.40 AMChinese 102  Professor Aubrey Kuan Roderick. In last semester, I was taking Chinese 101. This is the second level of Chinese class. Because the professor of the last semester was so good, so I keep taking her class. For American students, this class is kind of hard because the character is complex. But I am a Japanese, we sometimes share same characters, so this class is easy. If you are Japanese, I strongly recommend to take this class with this professor. Now, we can do easy conversation in Chinese. Because my major is international business, this class will be really helpful in my future.

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 9.44.51 AMBusiness 135  Professor Sean Smith. The name of this class is “Personal Seller.” This is late start class, so we have only 8 weeks. Because of that, the speed is really fast, we have one or two quiz every week. If we listen carefully the lecture, the test is fine. The all contents is in the class. Also, the professor is really nice, we will use what we learn in the real business world. This is late start class, so if you feel the semester is easy and want to add some class, I recommend to take this class.

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 9.39.22 AMBusiness 140  Professor Lou Milstein. The name of this class is “Legal Environment of Business.” We learn business law. Because I am an international student, this class is so hard. There are so many special terms of law. When I study for this class, I need so much space to search words and example of precedents. The professor is really funny though, his talking speed is fast, so it is actually so hard listening. Also, the exams are all essay form. We have to memorize so many things. I think this class is hardest one in this semester.

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 9.49.44 AMEnglish  201  Professor Jason Crum. This is “Critical Thinking” class. In this class, even though we do not need to write so many essays, we have to read a lot of writings, books, and criticisms. Because we international students read slower than native students, the homework are kind a lot for us. But, the writings he choose is interesting and fun to read, so if you like reading books, this class is good for you. In every class, we have group discussion, so there is a good place to practice our speaking. The professor is nice, and he is easy grader. If you participate every classes and do your assignments, I think you will have a good grade.

International Student Fair

Today, a lot California State Universities were here in MiraCosta Cafeteria to answer International Student questions. A lot a good informations were given.

Here’s a list of the CSU that came


Here a photo of the CSU representants and some of our students.


My Classes of This Semester


Today, I will introduce my current classes.

In this semester, I am taking four classes equal to 13 units; CHNS 101, CSIT 125, CSIT 128, and SOC 101. This is full-time classes and typical schedule for me.

SOC 101

Sociology 101

This class is Tuesday & Thursday 7:30-8:45, and the instructor is Mr. Brian L Harris. This is the most basic sociology class, so I am learning a bunch of topics like social structure, culture, norms, and so on. The picture is my notebook for exams.

The instructor is really good! His lecture is easy to understand and the class is so fun. The tests are kind of hard, but he gives us some extra credit opportunity and a lot of attendance points.

CHNS 101

Chinese 101

This class is Monday & Wednesday 17:00-19:20, and the instructor is Ms. Aubrey Kuan Roderick. I am learning the most basic grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation in this class. Because I am Japanese, I already knew a lot of Chinese characters, so I have an advantage to learn Chinese. The pronunciation is so hard though.

The instructor is also a counselor of international office in MiraCosta College. So when I have a question, I always go to the office and can ask her. She answers very kindly.

Her lecture is really fun. For American students, Chinese characters are completely new thing. So she thinks out a method or a way to teach characters.  This is my favorite class in this semester. I strongly recommend to take this class!

CSIT 128

Computer Science and Info Technology 128

This class is Tuesday 19:00-21:45, and the instructor is Mr. Timothy McLean.

This is a Microsoft Excel for business class. I am learning what I am able to do in excel.

I have never used Excel soft, so it is kind of hard. But his lecture is so slow and care all of students. Thereby I can understand even though I am not good at computers.

CSIT 125

Computer Science and Info Technology 125

This class is online class, and the instructor is Ms. Debra Savble-Thornbrugh.  This is Microsoft Word for business class. I am learning how to use Word.

As I mentioned above, my computer skill is really low. I have used Word, but I just write sentences and save it on computer.  Now, I have been learning two month. And I can create the newsletter like the picture. This is my Midterm project.

Even though this is online class, but the instructor gives us the video of lecture, so I have never feel inconvenience.

Online class is always harder than in-class class, but if I study hard, I will get good grade.