Hello everyone! How’s everyone doing? It has been very cold these days in Oceanside, so you need some warm jackets if you possibly come to MCC this winter. Oh, and also! You definitely need information about transportation when you visit here, don’t you? So, my today’s topic is transportation; yet, Sam already explained about transportation from LAX to Oceanside, so if you travel through the route, let’s visit his page! Well, then, I am going to introduce local transportation.

These are ones you will possibly use:


Breeze Bus  Is the bus system that travels in North County in the cities of Oceanside, Carlsbad, Vista, Encinitas, Cardiff, San Marcos, Escondido.  

*Fee: One-way $1.75 / One day pass $5.00

*Monthly pass available for $44 per month for MiraCosta students.  Also valid on Sprinter!

Greyhound Travels around the United States

      *The ticket price varies depends on the distance.

*You can buy tickets both at the station and online.


Sprinter Train that travels East-and-West from Oceanside to Escondido, California

*Fee: One-way $2.00 / One day pass $5.00

*Monthly pass available for $44 per month for MiraCosta students

Coaster Train that travels North-and-South from Oceanside to San Diego, California

*It runs from San Diego to Oceanside.

*The ticket price varies depends on the distance.

Amtrak Train that travels around the United States.  Great way to travel from Oceanside to Disneyland, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and San Francisco

*It runs across the whole land of the USA.

*The ticket price varies depends on the distance.

*You can buy tickets both at the station and online.



*It’s kind of a private taxi.

*You need to download the app and sign in to use it.


You can click each item and go to their web pages for more details.

Hope these information will help your trip. Thank you for reading! See you next time!



How to prepare yourself for your first semester or year as a student in the US

Very Important Material, Make sure to read every thing.

The Time to Live Your Dream Is now, Start By Applying To MiraCosta College and Let Us Make those Dreams Happen.

New students must come on time to attend orientation. This is mandatory for new students. We have pictures of International Student, New Student Orientation on Instagram

One good advice I can give to everyone coming to school in the US for their first time is to come at least two weeks before school starts. The US government allows you to come to the US up to one month before your school starts.   There is a reason why they do that;

When you come in the US as an international student (F-1), one of the first thing you need to do is to go to your school international student office and let them know that you are now in the country. You will need to give them a copy of your I-94 and maybe some other documents. but it is very important that you go to meet them as soon as you get in the country.

1.  You need to get use to the environment. That is the different climate, and a different way of life.

Image result for bus picture oceanside

  •  Drive, Bus or train You need to figure out how to get around and to make sure where you will live is witting reasonable distance from the school. Most of the time you will need to get the bus or drive

Image result for a confused baby2.  The International Office can help you with your academic adjustment. I am very sure they will tell you something you did not know or they will at least help you get set up with your classes.

3.   knew little or nothing about the process. The US college system of education is very different from other countries. (On more information about the difference between the US educational system and other countries, make sure to follow up with my next blog).


Image result for picture of people meeting with counselorsWhen you come in one month before school, you have the opportunity to meet with

  • a counselor, that can help you set you your classes and help you pick the best classes and professor ( hint: all the professor at MiraCosta College are really good at least the once that I have taking a class with) the question is do you like math in the morning or in the evening, do you prefer a male or a female professor. When you come early, the staff in the international office will help you pick the classes you want (need) at the time you want with the professor you want. Again read my next blog for more information.

The Time to Start Your Application Process is Now.


Moving to Oceanside


Harbor Beach

Coming to California, USA was the most wonderful experience that I have had in my life. Every thing here is different from my country which makes me feel really interesting and I want to discover as much as I can.


When the first time I came to the US, I lived with my host family, who are my parents’ friends in San Diego. It is pretty far away from MiraCosta College, and I did not have a car, so I had to take buses to go to school every day. It was really inconvenient and wasting time because it took me almost 3 hours for just one way. It means that I had to spend almost 6 hours per day for transportation. That was the first reason I wanted to move to Oceanside to live.

Oceanside Pier view

Oceanside is an awesome place which has so many beautiful views, beaches, and activities such as Oceanside Pier, Harbor Beach, or Mission San Luis Rey.  Oceanside is small, peaceful, and quiet town which reminds me about my hometown a lot.   My apartment is really nice and close to MiraCosta College. I live with my roommate who was my classmate in ESL 40 class. She was an awesome person who makes me feel like she is my sister. She took me to the Oceanside Pier to see the sunset and have a bonfire at night with some friends. Besides, we went hiking and shopping together sometimes whenever we have free time, and we also relax at the pool in my complex apartment whenever we feel bored. It was unforgettable and really fun.

This is where I live now

Now I live very close to MiraCosta, the buses to go to school are really convenient for me. With just 2 to 3 minutes walking from my apartment, I can take bus 315 to College Blvd, and then I will take bus 325 to get to MiraCosta College. It takes me just 45 to 50 minutes. I am really glad I moved to Oceanside!



A beautiful complex


We have a pool and jacuzzi in our complex


Here is my roommate who is very beautiful and awesome!

We had a bonfire at the Oceanside Pier

On the top of the hill where we went hiking


On the way to the top of the hill


How to travel from Los Angeles to Oceanside

Hey there, this time I will be writing about your planning the first steps in the USA. Most convenient way to get the Oceanside is to arrive directly to San Diego airport, but there are not so many international companies that provide air travel to San Diego, so I will describe how to get from Los Angeles International Airport to Oceanside.   I hope this post will really help you to plan your first trip to the USA.

Actually, the transfer from LAX to Oceanside takes a few steps:

– getting from LAX to Union Station

– taking the train from LA to Oceanside, and the final

– getting to your new home

The first step: after you have passed the security line and got your luggage at the airport you will need to get to Union Station. There are few different ways to do it: taking one of the buses, or taking a taxi cab. This is absolutely up to you which way you get the Union Station, I personally had chosen to get there by bus. The company I used is FlyAway  and it cost me about $8 (taxi might cost about $60).

The second step: After you manage to get to Union Station you will choose which company to use to get the Oceanside. The are two main trains companies that travel to Oceanside: Amtrak and Metrolink. Which one to choose depend on the date and time you arrive to Union Station from LAX. One of those company does not provide the services during the weekends. The trip itself takes about 2.5 hours to get Oceanside, be patient.

The final step: After you arrived to Oceanside Transit Center you need to get your new home. I strongly recommend you to plan this step in advance, if you do not want to spend the night in a motel!!!   Normally, if you had arranged everything in advance the host family would pick you up from the train station, otherwise you need to take a taxi cab to get home.