To Go Back to Your Country


Winter vacation will be coming soon!

A lot of international students will go back to their own countries and stay with their families.

Before you leave, DO NOT forget to bring your I20 form to the international office!

I20 is a documents certifying that the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) accredited school has approved full-time applicants to attend school. We need an officer’s sign on it.

And when you travel to some countries, you need to bring it.

If you do not do that, you won’t be able to come back to the United States.

I hope everyone will enjoy their vacation with no trouble.


What I did this Summer

As I said in my last post, as an international student you have the choice to travel during the summer or to stay in California just like me.

Studying for summer classes 


My mom came to visit me this Summer and it was wonderful. I did not travel because I wanted to take a summer class and I also decide to do and internship and an on campus job during the summer, which is pretty heavy.

To be sincere with you summer classes are not easy, you have a lot of work to do in such a short period time and it is very stressful. You have Exam 1, midterm and Final to take, all that in about 6 or 8 weeks, and this classes are regularly for 16 weeks. So you have to go two times as fast as in a regular semester. However I love Summer classes because this gives you an opportunity to catch up if you failed a class, or an opportunity for someone like me to graduate faster and transfer to a University. Aside form classes, spending the summer in the us is fun with great Holidays and good places to visit.

The  4th of July is the US independence day and it is one of the biggest Holiday in the US, you need to be hear to actually understand what it means.


San Diego Beach 

Saturday and Sunday is a good time to enjoy the beach and to visit museums and parks.   In San Diego or in Los Angeles, Oceanside(MiraCosta College) is almost in the middle of both of then, so it is pretty easy to go to either of them. In Los Angels there is Holly Wood were some of the best movies are made. In San Diego there is one of the best beaches in the world and there is a lot of touristic Military ships all the way from World War 2, so you have a lot of place to visit and a lot to learn.

Balboa park ans San Diego Musume of Art

On Every First Tuesday of the month, The San Diego Museum of Art is Free for students and military people. But you will have to bring your student ID, or Military ID, you get a lot of discounts when you are a student in the US.



Summer Summer Summer!!!!!!

            This is a very important time and period of the year both for international students and for Americans. This is the best season of the year, especially if your in California, because it has some of the best beaches in the World.

If you don’t want to stay in California, you can go to other sates and visit and the best part is you don’t even need a visa if you want to travel within the US. But it will be a good idea to let the international office know. You can go to New York and see the Statue of Liberty.

Also, you can decide to go back home and visit during the summer, then comeback for the next semester. When you come to the US to study it is not a prison. You have family and friends that you probably miss, and the summer is a great time to go pay them a visit. If you decide that is what you will like to do for the summer you definitely need to go to the international office to talk to them about your trip, before doing anything.

For someone like me, I decided to take a summer class (Film101H), and go to the beautiful beach in Oceanside during the week end. Read my next blog if you will like to know more about summer classes.



Three things I like about living in Oceanside, California

California in general is beautiful, but Oceanside is even more beautiful. From the warm sandy beaches to the mountains to and it’s fascinating history, it has made its self a destination for a lot of tourists and a perfect environment for most student. The land of milk and honey. I am from Cameroon in Africa, and there we have just two seasons the dry and the rainy season. When I decided to come to the US I was so scared of the cold. But that was not the case, when I arrived in Oceanside I was so surprised by how hot the sun was here. I kept preparing myself for the cold but I was disappointed as Oceanside seem to have summer all year long. that was actually a happy disappointment.

 The diversity of Oceanside makes it very special. There are a lot of people from different cultures and background, from different countries and states. Oceanside has tons of interesting people, at least every week I meet someone from a new place that I have never been to; that gives me the opportunity to know about that place even thou I have never been there. For instance I have friends who are form China, they told me it is a bad idea to give a Chines person a watch or a clock as a gift as that signifies death. I was like ohhhh my God I was so surprised and at the same time amazed by what I had just learned. I have never been to China but now because of the diversity of oceanside I know about some of their believes and culture. How cool is that!!!

 Oceanside also has a welcome center located on “923 N Coast Hwy, Oceanside, CA 92054”. This welcome center sells amusement tickets at a discounted price, which gives you the opportunity to visit places like Legoland, Disney land, San Diego zoo and sea World. We have sunset markets on Thursday evening, at down town Oceanside. Oceanside is a place where you never get bored. It has surfing, deep sea diving, coastal cruises that leave the sore every day, oceanside border the Pacific Ocean, which is the largest Ocean in the world. Imagin the one million view I have everyday for free. For those who don’t like the water, well let me inform you that Oceanside also has great hiking places. where you can go to the mountain top and enjoy the beautiful sun set. If you have a couple of thing you will like to scratch off your list while get you college degree at a college like MiraCosta, Oceanside if definitely the best destination for you.

Things to Do in Oceanside by the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce



The Getty Museum

Have you ever heard about the Getty Museum?

It is located in Los Angeles and it is an AMAZING museum!

It is free and the only thing that you have to pay is the parking and it is a flat price for the day.

I went to the Getty Museum on summer 2015, and if you are in an art major, or interested by art or just a little bit curious, this place is for you! The Getty Museum has many galleries that you can see, so you can spend the whole day there if you want to see everything.

Once you arrive at the museum, you visit will start by a tram ride from the parking to the museum where you can admire the amazing view. It is so relaxing and beautiful!

At the museum, you will have many galleries with different exhibitions. You can check them out here (look at Getty Center). You will also be able to enjoy the outdoor sculpture and impressive architecture.

At the museum, do not forget to grab a brochure (if you wish in your language) I swear it would make your life easier (exhibition room, plan of the museum, information)

Be careful, sometime you can’t pictures so be aware and ask the staff. Also they have a beautiful garden, a shop where you can buy souvenirs and also some coffee cart where you can buy a lemonade or a ice cream and a restaurant. You can also come with your own lunch.



Moving to Oceanside


Harbor Beach

Coming to California, USA was the most wonderful experience that I have had in my life. Every thing here is different from my country which makes me feel really interesting and I want to discover as much as I can.


When the first time I came to the US, I lived with my host family, who are my parents’ friends in San Diego. It is pretty far away from MiraCosta College, and I did not have a car, so I had to take buses to go to school every day. It was really inconvenient and wasting time because it took me almost 3 hours for just one way. It means that I had to spend almost 6 hours per day for transportation. That was the first reason I wanted to move to Oceanside to live.

Oceanside Pier view

Oceanside is an awesome place which has so many beautiful views, beaches, and activities such as Oceanside Pier, Harbor Beach, or Mission San Luis Rey.  Oceanside is small, peaceful, and quiet town which reminds me about my hometown a lot.   My apartment is really nice and close to MiraCosta College. I live with my roommate who was my classmate in ESL 40 class. She was an awesome person who makes me feel like she is my sister. She took me to the Oceanside Pier to see the sunset and have a bonfire at night with some friends. Besides, we went hiking and shopping together sometimes whenever we have free time, and we also relax at the pool in my complex apartment whenever we feel bored. It was unforgettable and really fun.

This is where I live now

Now I live very close to MiraCosta, the buses to go to school are really convenient for me. With just 2 to 3 minutes walking from my apartment, I can take bus 315 to College Blvd, and then I will take bus 325 to get to MiraCosta College. It takes me just 45 to 50 minutes. I am really glad I moved to Oceanside!



A beautiful complex


We have a pool and jacuzzi in our complex


Here is my roommate who is very beautiful and awesome!

We had a bonfire at the Oceanside Pier

On the top of the hill where we went hiking


On the way to the top of the hill