To Go Back to Your Country


Winter vacation will be coming soon!

A lot of international students will go back to their own countries and stay with their families.

Before you leave, DO NOT forget to bring your I20 form to the international office!

I20 is a documents certifying that the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) accredited school has approved full-time applicants to attend school. We need an officer’s sign on it.

And when you travel to some countries, you need to bring it.

If you do not do that, you won’t be able to come back to the United States.

I hope everyone will enjoy their vacation with no trouble.



How to Become an International Student at MiraCosta College (USA)

Application Process for International students

I applied to come and study in the US from Cameroon. I also got my student visa from the U.S. Embassy in Cameroon. Just to add to this I believe a lot of the African countries will go through the same procedure I went through to get my visa or to come and study here at MiraCosta college.

Putting Your Documents Together For college

Tip #1: Take a TOEFL test and get at least a score of 46 or higher. If you don’t have a Pass TOEFL Test score, you can apply to study English before starting college classes.  Once you have your TOEFL score, make a copy of all educational diplomas, and birth certificate and get them certified by a government official

Tip #2:   Complete applications at least 4-5 months before you want to study

At MiraCosta you can type and print the International Student Application form. Click on the  link and type your answers.

Tip #3:  Keep in touch with the International Office  Please If you have any questions make sure to contact the international office.  either by email or by phone

P 1.760.795.6897   

F 1.760.757.8209

Don’t forget that most countries don’t have the same time as the US, so when calling take that into consideration. (Time difference)

Tip #4  After you get admitted to college, you can get help to apply for the F-1 student visa

MiraCosta College will send you forms you need to apply for the student visa at the U.S. Embassy. If you have any question please don;t heisted to call or email us, we are more than happy to help you.

Image result for pictures of US visa

Tip#5 Once you get your visa What do you do?

Once you have your visa, the earliest you can come to the Us is one month or 30 days before your school stat, that way you can get use to the weather, and take care of the other documents that you need once you reach the US.

Unfortunately, MiraCosta College does not offer housing facilities. Therefore you need to look for where you are going to house before you come to the US. That is why it is important to start the your application early. So you have enough time to plane and do what you need to do. One of the most important thing to remember is that if you have any questions please contact us and we will be ahhpy to help.

Hope to see you soon at MiraCosta college, “the place to be”.



How to prepare yourself for your first semester or year as a student in the US

Very Important Material, Make sure to read every thing.

The Time to Live Your Dream Is now, Start By Applying To MiraCosta College and Let Us Make those Dreams Happen.

New students must come on time to attend orientation. This is mandatory for new students. We have pictures of International Student, New Student Orientation on Instagram

One good advice I can give to everyone coming to school in the US for their first time is to come at least two weeks before school starts. The US government allows you to come to the US up to one month before your school starts.   There is a reason why they do that;

When you come in the US as an international student (F-1), one of the first thing you need to do is to go to your school international student office and let them know that you are now in the country. You will need to give them a copy of your I-94 and maybe some other documents. but it is very important that you go to meet them as soon as you get in the country.

1.  You need to get use to the environment. That is the different climate, and a different way of life.

Image result for bus picture oceanside

  •  Drive, Bus or train You need to figure out how to get around and to make sure where you will live is witting reasonable distance from the school. Most of the time you will need to get the bus or drive

Image result for a confused baby2.  The International Office can help you with your academic adjustment. I am very sure they will tell you something you did not know or they will at least help you get set up with your classes.

3.   knew little or nothing about the process. The US college system of education is very different from other countries. (On more information about the difference between the US educational system and other countries, make sure to follow up with my next blog).


Image result for picture of people meeting with counselorsWhen you come in one month before school, you have the opportunity to meet with

  • a counselor, that can help you set you your classes and help you pick the best classes and professor ( hint: all the professor at MiraCosta College are really good at least the once that I have taking a class with) the question is do you like math in the morning or in the evening, do you prefer a male or a female professor. When you come early, the staff in the international office will help you pick the classes you want (need) at the time you want with the professor you want. Again read my next blog for more information.

The Time to Start Your Application Process is Now.


How to become an International Student at MiraCosta College?

This is a simple and detailed way to understand how you can go from your country to a MiraCosta classroom.

STEP1: Mail the International Student Application and the support documents listed here.

Mail them at the following adress:

MiraCosta College

IIP, #12A1 Barnard DriveOceanside, CA 92056

United States

STEP2: MiraCosta receive your mail and process it.  MiraCosta mail you back a official approval letter and the I-20 (needed for the visa)

STEP3: You apply to the US embassy of your country for a U.S. student visa.

STEP4: You arrive in the U.S. and you come to MiraCosta College

STEP5: You take English and Math assessment test. You will also meet the academic counselor.

STEP6: You will be able to register for classes.

STEP7: You attempt to class.


Applying to MiraCosta is easy

Hi everyone!

 I know that the US system is really different from our home countries.

This is a slide that I realized, I hope it will make it simpler for you to understand the steps.

If you have any question, feel free to let a comment below or to send an email here.

ONCE YOU SEND EVERYTHING TO MIRACOSTA, you will receive a package including your I-20. You are good to go for your interview at the embassy and get your visa!


About going back China during school break

Hi everybody.

I have been San Diego about 14 months, I haven’t go back China in this 14 months even once.   I really miss my family and everything in my country, so I am planning going back home in this winter.  But since it is a international trip, the process might be more complicated and confusing than just travel inside the U.S. or China. I’m a little bit frustrated now, but I would like share my knowledge about this so that may offer some help for you.

First, the expiration day of my visa is one year from the day I got it, so it is already expired. There is no problem to have the visa expire while I am in the United States.  But when I go home in December, my visa need to be extended before I return to the United States.

Also, I changed my school from my language school which is located in downtown San Diego to MiraCosta College.  Therefore, I have to redo a visa interview.  I was told I need to bring all same documents with first time I went to visa interview: Bank statement, grade score, house proprietary certificate, etc. Every step is almost the same with first time.  (If I didn’t change my school I can just pay ZhongXin Bank and they will help me expand my visa without going to embassy in person).

And by the way, my city is so beautiful, let’s take a look of it 😀

Isn’t it beautiful? haha.


Working on campus

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while since I last posted, but end of the semester, holidays, and the beginning of a new semester took its toll on me. 🙂 Nevertheless, I want to talk to you guys about employment on campus. What? You didn’t know it was possible? Oh yes, it is!!

To be a student worker on campus you must qualify.  In your first semester, you must provide a successful midterm report to the International Office in order to request on-campus employment. If you have already completed your first semester, just stop by at the International Office and request a letter to show you are ready to work as an international student.  You bring the letter to the Career Center to learn which campus departements are hiring.

Student workers are allowed to work no more than 19hrs / week during school session, and no more than 40hrs/week on school breaks. You must maintain your F-1 status and a valid I-20.

I started working on-campus during my second semester, and [un]fortunately this will be my last one since I’m graduating in May. The International Office was searching for bloggers, and I had an interview with the director and woot woot!! I got the job! 🙂 Since then I have had the chance to interact with faculty and staff, and my networking started to develop. I ended up applying for a second job on campus, still at the International Office, as a student worker helping with administrative processes and helping international students with documentation, walking them to where their classes are, and so on. Working on campus has given me a great insight on how school is behind all the books and classes. I’ve had a chance to see how all the processes work from the moment a student apply to the moment he/she arrives on campus for their orientation day, and I have to tell you it is an amazing feeling to help them step by step during the process. It’s rewarding!

I truly recommend on-campus employment to all my friends, and to all of you perspective students as well! It’s a great opportunity to learn work ethics in the United States, an even greater opportunity for networking (trust me, this is extremely important for your career), and it’s also a good way to make that extra money.

I hope I shed some light in this process. If you’re more interested, or if you would like to ask me some questions, feel free to drop me a line!